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Comment: So "nothing" has quantum fluctuations (Score 4, Interesting) 593

So "nothing" has quantum fluctuations.

I have zero apples, which one will produce an apple seed to grow a tree.

Note: The article itself doesn't imply what the summary says, but the summary here makes the article seem like nonsense.

Comment: Knowingly or unknowingly? (Score 1) 313

"I won't do business with or respect anyone who supports torture"

Comedic post of the day!!!

I would assume you've never bought gasoline or bought a "made in China" product or paid taxes then?

Probably all your clothes were made by children in poor countries. Your computer and your cell phone are made by something just short of slave labor.

Comment: Okham is very fast racer (Score 1) 233

And the fail is you misspelled "misspelt" attempting to do a spelling correction.

The real truth is that Occam didn't have a razor, those didn't get invented until several centuries later, and that a correct translation is "Occam's Lathe" but the Greek translation to German got mistranslated into English, as I'm sure you heard, and so we go ....

And so goes history ...

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