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Comment Re:Better plots? (Score 1) 1029

Yes, Hollywood has done a few. Starship Troopers and The Puppet Masters by Heinlein, for example. But they did them... WRONG.

You can argue that Hollywood did Starship Troopers in a way not in line with Heinlein's original, but there's no way you can argue they did it wrong. Seriously, it's an amazing movie that's not just about the action (which is good too), but also actually funny satire.

Comment Re:Never met anyone who uses it. (Score 1) 245

I used to use FreeBSD in the early-to-mid-2000s, back before I went to OS X

I'm the inverse. Tried out OSX back in the day, but couldn't get along with it. Tried FreeBSD later, and have been using it since '06.

Actually, I realized I have never donated to the FreeBSD foundation, so did that now.

Comment Re:Thank god (Score 2, Insightful) 1452

Look, I know no one likes to speak ill of the dead and all, but geez, last week's lovefest got WAY WAY WAY out of hand.

The idol worship over the death of THE MOST INFLUENTIAL MAN IN COMPUTING was quite embarrassing, but the comment from RMS outdid that easily. He could have explained his views in a more polite manner, but he chose not to.

Stallman should remember that he isn't just any random character fighting for software freedom. He's the self-appointed publicity figure for open source movement, and in a case like this, it does not only matter what he thinks or what the members of FSF think. Rather, it's what other people unaffiliated with open source movement think.

The end result here being that most people now percieve Stallman as a bully who would be quick to slander the dead, and those who despise open source will have a easy straw man to attack.

Comment Wireless router with ADSL, gigabit ethernet, IPv6 (Score 1) 322

I'm sure Slashdot is among the best places to ask.

Is there an ADSL router in the world that would have at least 4 gigabit ethernet ports, WLAN, and could handle IPv6 routing? I've been looking for a device like this that would take care of all the network needs at home. There's many devices that do two of those things, but never all three.

Would be willing to go pretty high as the price goes, just nothing too excessive.

Comment Re:FreeBSD still not supported (Score 1) 274

FreeBSD i386 has a pretty good Linux emulation, and I've been using Linux flash via nspluginwrapper on my machine until recently.

Now recently, with latest FreeBSD drivers from nvidia, the flash images start playing on every black pixel on my screen that's on the same relative screen position as the video. This happens on every desktop. If I put youtube on, then go into another desktop to do coding, the video happily keeps playing in my black-background terminal.

The bug is so bizarre I wouldn't know where to begin with it. If it persists with FreeBSD 8.3, it's time to start looking for a solution. As-is, downloadhelper and greasemonkey will do.

Comment Re:You're A Newbie (Score 2) 221

Blender is like Vim - it does not make compromises for usability versus power.

For professional purposes it does not make sense to create a program that's easy to use. Accessibility has zero value in this equation - the people just trying out thinking they can be the next Pixar would not achieve anything anyway. The people with willpower to become experts will only care whether it's powerful or not.

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