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Comment Re:Too Soon? (Score 0) 142

The problem isn't the joke. The problem is that he didn't wait for a sufficient period of time to make the joke.

Strictly in terms of comedy, the unfunny joke would even be worse after time passes. Maybe something more like: Clamor over who can get their hands on our new spring collection first. Mubarak quoted saying, "I will die in Kenneth Cole shoes."

Comment Re:Well done, enraged folks (Score 0) 142

This kind of publicity is not especially significant, either way. People discovering "this designer guy" for the first time via this story are not going to be newly declared fashionistas that suddenly drop Payless for Kenneth Cole shoes. Neither will Kenneth Cole stalwarts boycott or otherwise.

Comment Re:Just off the top of my head (Score 1, Insightful) 211

Once you have assessed these technical points to your satisfaction, I think customer support's ability to communicate issues to you as they arise is the final bridge. Every datacenter will at the very least experience minor problems from time to time, and if you're not able to speak directly with the techs working the problems or if first-line customer support does not have ready access to the details of the resolution process, it sure is frustrating to be left in the dark in the meantime.

Comment Re:Superfund (Score 0) 183

You'd essentially have to ship the top 500 feet of soil and rock of the entire areas to China or India, but even that's just moving the problem away from the USA.

I'm all for it. Evidence predicts that it will be handled no worse, with a drop in accent comprehension, but a huge benefit in hourly wage expenditures.

Comment Re:Absolutely (Score 0) 501

It is possible to create a system which is actually impossible to crack, short of social engineering or unprecedented changes in technology.

If you have to include caveats, then the system is only theoretically, not actually, impossible to crack. Social engineering is still just too effective, especially in this case, where the computers will be used by students (not IT professionals). Trying to pass it off as a minor issue by lumping it with a phrase like "unprecedented changes in technology" doesn't make it any less so.

Comment The Left-Digit Effect (Score 1, Interesting) 536

I think $59.99 may be a cap price for a while.

The left-digit effect:

Although arbitrary, I'd say it's common for consumers to think of "round" price points like $50 and $100 when it comes to entertainment (games, a night at the movies, dinner out, etc). The left-digit effect would make $59.99 the highest price to still "feel" like it belongs to $50, whereas the left-digit change of $60.00 would remind consumers they're "approaching" what they might consider an off-putting number.

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