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Comment: Re:You'll want either AT&T or T-Mobile. (Score 2) 146

by TrevorB (#47343625) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: SIM-Card Solutions In North America?

Virgin Mobile has a semi-decent pay-as-you-go option for Canada: $0.35/min for phone calls, with a 100MB/mo Data Addon for $10, or 500MB/mo for $20. or 1GB/mo for $30. It's better than having a recurring data plan, you can just walk in and get a SIM card, and it works well enough for me, I end up paying about $22-23/mo. Works great in my unlocked Nexus 4.

Comment: Re:Right is better than fast (Score 3, Insightful) 500

by TrevorB (#41280941) Attached to: Election Tech: In Canada, They Actually Count the Votes

In Canada we *get* the results of the election within hours of the polls closing, usually 2 or 3. That's with four federal parties who make the math of who exactly won a little more difficult.

Hand counting isn't as slow as you think it is when you have enough people organized to do the job properly.

Comment: Hard Drive + Safety Deposit Box (Score 1) 414

by TrevorB (#39468039) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Personal Data?

When I started my own business, I got myself a safety deposit box. Every time I go to the bank to cash my cheques, I use an external 3.5" HD mount, backup critical files using a script, take a hard drive into the bank and remove last month's copy. It has the added benefit of being fire and earthquake proof (two things I won't have if I stored them in my home.

I only have about 200GB of data I consider "critical" though, but the same thing would scale up. At ~$40/year for a small safety deposit box it's one of the cheapest and most robust mechanisms for keeping your critical data safe.

Comment: VLA (Score 1) 363

by TrevorB (#38158936) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Science Sights To See?

We went to the VLA this summer on a 4 week driving trip from Canada. Very cool, though the array was in the "D" configuration, which meant it was spread out over miles and miles and less cool to photograph. You do get to walk right up to one of the radio telescopes though.

Just a hint, the road signage for the VLA is very difficult to see. Watch all signs like a hawk. It's a bit further West than we thought it was. If you find yourself getting too close to the western mountain range turn back (signage was easier driving westwards anyways).

Also, New Mexico is awesome, and Santa Fe is incredible... we stayed there for 3 days and it was a great place to make a base camp and explore other places in northern-Central New Mexico (including Taos - cultural, not sciency).

The only other sciencey thing we did while there was go to the (free admission) (not Ray) "Bradbury Science Museum" in Los Alamos. If you love the bomb, I mean *really* love it, it's the place for you. We all found it exceptionally creepy.

Comment: Re:Coming soon to Canada... (Score 1) 129

by TrevorB (#37480338) Attached to: Alcatel-Lucent Boosts Copper Broadband To 100Mbps

My 100Mbps last mile copper line here in Canada (Shaw Cable - been active for the past half year) has a 500GB/mo cap. There's talk of a 250Mbps with 1TB/mo cap (or unlimited) options coming out later this year. The price isn't exorbitant too, too much for college kids, but $99/mo with digital cable isn't *that* bad.

It's not all horrible up here.

(And yes, Teksavvy should have the right to offer the same Internet service without cable on the same copper at a fraction of that price)

Comment: Re:walmart (Score 2) 200

by TrevorB (#36282736) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Smartphone Plan For a US Vacation?

I'm actually planning on this. I'm also taking a "vacation" to the states, where the only way I could get away for 3 weeks was to be tied to a cellphone.

Apparently Tracfones are ludicrously cheap ($10) and call call anywhere in the US at 20 cents/min. I'm planning on tying this to a VoIP line, so I can use the cell to call outside the US for only another couple cents per minute.

Comment: Back up those floppies ASAP! (Score 1) 585

by TrevorB (#36174092) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: DOSBox, or DOS Box?

For those of you from the DOS era, you might want to consider backing up those old floppies ASAP if you do want to keep them. I pulled out some 15 and 20 year old 3.5" floppies recently. A good percentage of the 15 year floppies had errors and most of the 20 year old floppies did. These were disks stored in a cool, dry place.

My PC days go back to 1988 and PC-DOS 3. I still love to play some of those old games, but honestly DOSBox is the way to go.

Comment: Re:PPoC is a joke (Score 2) 98

by TrevorB (#35914858) Attached to: Pirate Party of Canada Promises VPN For Freedom

We Canadians are kings of strategic voting: voting for the candidate most likely to beat the person you like the least. Voting for the Pirate Party really is (almost) a vote thrown away. Three things though:

1) Not all "3rd party votes" are wasted. The NDP looks like they may be surging into second place ahead of the Liberals. Watch your local polls carefully and make an informed decision
2) If someone calls up your house for polling purposes, by all means reply "Pirate Party".
3) If you *really* like the Pirate Party, donate to them. Or better yet, join them and try to make their message stronger/more refined.

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