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Comment: Re:Errors, Errors everywhere... (Score 2) 256

by colmore (#35619372) Attached to: I estimate my radiation dose for my day as ...

Truly this will go down in history as THE worst poll. Until the next one.

Not only does it make no sense and show about 3 minutes of thought, but it's also hilariously, almost autistically, insensitive. I can only figure that they were trying to spark some kind of discussion about radiation measurement systems, like this was an episode of xkcd or something. This is easily the laziest news publication that anyone takes even halfway seriously.

They have a tremendous and valuable readership and a brand name, and their work is of lower quality than second rate blogs about reality tv. Lazy, lazy, lazy lazy. It's been fun, guys. Been here since high school; you can take this 5 digit ID and shove it.

Comment: Re:A quick google search (Score 2) 845

by colmore (#34953762) Attached to: The Case of Apple's Mystery Screw

1. Possible, though I doubt that's the primary reason. I could be wrong.
2. Unlikely. Phillips head screws are far more numerous and widely manufactured, it's unlikely that an unusual screw that only comes from one or two suppliers will be that much cheaper.
3. I think Apple is too big of a fish to be playing nepotism with a screw supplier.
4. That's what the void clause of the warranty is for.
5. Funny.

6. Apple has a history of tightly controlling the way their products are used, are fundamentally opposed to openness, and have long screwed aftermarket service providers.

Comment: Re:Obey the rule simply because its the rule (Score 1) 532

by colmore (#34953378) Attached to: Electronics In Flight — Danger Or Distraction?

There are a few unjust and unreasonable laws in America (hellllooooo drug war!) but normal safety regulations (even those of the obnoxious TSA) are not those. I know we're supposed to be a nation of fearless individualists waving our guns and protecting our property from the hordes of Others, but managing the safety of hundreds or even thousands of people in a tight situation with the occasional need for rapid response to sudden problems is complicated and involves everyone showing a little team spirit and just doing what the people in uniform say.

Comment: Re:Not too late! (Score 5, Insightful) 178

by colmore (#34910448) Attached to: Crunch Time For WebOS, BlackBerry

A whoooole lot of the market is conservative, old, never reads tech news, and has very limited interest in apps. The people who line up at 4:00 AM are good press, but they don't actually count any more than any other consumer.

Blackberry has a market that is wary of switching. If they're smart they should be able to survive and grow.

Comment: Re:Yet another MS flop (Score 2, Insightful) 609

by colmore (#34195526) Attached to: Did the Windows Phone 7 Bomb In the US?

There's the XBOX, they make money of their servers and related products, and they do a lot of business with various products and services related to Exchange.

And they make a damn fine mouse.

But in the consumer world, there's Windows, Office, and XBox. Everything else they've tried to do has failed.

The Internet

Vint Cerf Keeps Blaming Himself For IPv4 Limit 309

Posted by kdawson
from the mea-maxima-culpa dept.
netbuzz writes "Everyone knows that IPv4 addresses are nearly gone and the ongoing move to IPv6 is inevitable if not exactly welcomed by all. If you've ever wondered why the IT world finds itself in this situation, Vint Cerf, known far and wide as one of the fathers of the Internet, wants you to know that it's OK to blame him. He certainly does so himself. In fact, he does so time and time and time again."

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