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Comment Re:B2B only (Score 2) 82

Microtransaction based games have a fundamental problem and that is that rather than being primarily designed to be fun, they are instead primarily designed to be addictive and to drive the user toward making microtransactions in order to maintain the play that they've become addicted to. However, games that offer mostly cosmetic microtransactions that don't offer a substantial in-game advantage usually manage to avoid this problem.

Comment Re:Counter DMCA notice (Score 3, Informative) 272

The DMCAs are directed at Vimeo, and it's Vimeo's responsibility to stand up for non-infringing content, or it's their right to remove the content from their site for no good reason. I doubt they'd comply with an individual's request to have all of a major producer's works removed in the same way they'd comply with a major producer's request to have various individuals' works removed.

Comment Re:Old phones (Score 1) 133

To be fair, some large-scale exploits do not require the installation of non-store apps or ignoring any warnings, in the case of Stagefright I believe all you needed was to have SMS messages routed through Hangouts. Obviously this kind of exploit is patched ASAP on newer devices, but pre-4.4 you're pretty much on your own.

Comment Old phones (Score 2) 133

It's unlikely you can keep anything running a version of Android 4.4 truly secure, and even that won't be secure for much longer. The best idea if you're worried these still have some sensitive personal information on them would be a factory wipe (from the phone's recovery mode, not within the OS as this will leave internal storage in-tact). This should protect you from what most malicious parties are looking for, though if the phone is on your local network there's always the opportunity for them to use the compromised phone as a pivot point to compromise other machines on your network, but you'd probably need to be in someone's crosshairs for them to be doing this.

Comment Re:Seems simple enough to reverse this strategy (Score 1) 224

There's no government agency involved. A team of lawyers sent an overly-broad takedown notice to Vimeo and Vimeo complied. The lawyers are just doing their job (poorly). It's Vimeo's responsibility to stand up for the authenticity of user-posted content that is clearly not infringing (or their prerogative to remove it for no good reason).

Comment Re:It's simple for me! (Score 2) 51

I went from Voice to Fi and I can use multiple devices with my number, send texts or check voicemail from any internet-connected device, (not sure about contact management as I don't use this personally), I can have all my smart devices ring when I get a call and forward calls to non-smart devices, the only difference is you now have to use the hangouts/fi interface instead of the google voice interface for these things. The Google Voice interface is disabled after the number is ported over to Fi, so I don't know why the author of this article refers to having to dig it up to use his services, he should be using hangouts for things like texting from PC. Oh, and did I mention my bill for last month was $25 without having to give up any of the services I'm used to? Mind I only use about 500mb mobile data max per month, but with Fi automatically connecting me to reliable open networks (with automatic VPN) all over the place it's usually pretty easy to get on some wifi to keep my bill low.

Comment Re:This wouldn't be a scientology issue... (Score 1) 265

Actually, L. Ron's crusade against psychiatry is largely personal. His work is somewhat similar to Freud's in that it operates largely on a set of presumptions he just came up with, only L. Ron's is a lot more fantastical, appears to be a lot less accurate, and came around half a century later when we already understood much more about the mind. So, Hubbard thought he had uncovered breakthroughs and excitedly shared these with the psychiatric community who outright rejected them, at which point Hubbard sincerely believed the entire psychiatric movement must be a conspiracy.

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