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Comment Re:This wouldn't be a scientology issue... (Score 1) 265

Actually, L. Ron's crusade against psychiatry is largely personal. His work is somewhat similar to Freud's in that it operates largely on a set of presumptions he just came up with, only L. Ron's is a lot more fantastical, appears to be a lot less accurate, and came around half a century later when we already understood much more about the mind. So, Hubbard thought he had uncovered breakthroughs and excitedly shared these with the psychiatric community who outright rejected them, at which point Hubbard sincerely believed the entire psychiatric movement must be a conspiracy.

Comment Re:good (Score 1) 321

Hmm, do you believe that Pluto could potentially be imaged? That is, that it is visible at all? If so, do you doubt that we had the technology around a decade ago to launch a camera at it accurately enough to snap a few pics? If you do, when do you think this technology might exist? Don't you think it will be terribly embarrassing for NASA whenever that time comes (surely can't be far off ;) and ESA, China or India show us all that Pluto actually looks completely different?

Skepticism is good, but this is just stupid.

Comment Re:I do not consent (Score 1) 851

Except that it is still used by vast swathes of the industry as a cheaper alternative with a longer shelf life that very few people know about. Heart disease kills more people in the US than any other single cause, and the continued use of trans-fats by the industry (again, just to cut costs) significantly contributes to this.

Comment Re:Wasn't trans fat the thing that was safer than (Score 1) 851

Okay, the word "was" was in there pretty subtly. Regardless, the facts are pretty clear on trans-fat now, they are more harmful than and as equally tasty as saturated fats, and the only benefit of allowing their sale goes to cost-cutting food producers who'd prefer their customers remain unaware they use them. But, I suppose I see your point.

Comment Re:Wasn't trans fat the thing that was safer than (Score 2) 851

Uh, the article you linked to explains all about the ill effects of trans fats, including quotes such as "Most scientific research shows that even trace amounts can be harmful to health." Maybe you should read what you link to first next time. Also I suggest you read up on trans-fats!

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