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Comment Re:In all seriousness, (Score 1) 258

In most states, you can be detained for up to 72 hours while charges are being filed against you, but if they can't charge you with a crime in that time, you're free to go. Be aware that in general interactions, officers will try and make it seem like you're not allowed to leave, but just ask if you're "free to go" and they'll have to either let you go, or figure out a real reason not to.

Comment Re:So, in other words... (Score 5, Insightful) 69

Incognito mode is not encryption and cannot prevent people on your network, your ISP, the NSA or Google themselves from keeping an eye on your data. The effects of incognito mode are specific to the Chrome browser on that machine (and the cloud backup you may allow Google to keep of this data, such as if you log into Chrome).

Comment Re:Should've taken Google's $6B offer (Score 5, Insightful) 107

It's not so much that Groupon isn't useful, what they've always failed to do is convert the coupon users into repeat customers which frequently causes their clients to operate at a loss (making only the heavily-discounted deal and never cashing in on full-price sales).

Comment Re:Why does the FBI continue to engage in witchcra (Score 2) 262

Also, for anyone curious, polygraph reading involves reviewing physiological responses from control questions like "what is your name?" against the readings after questions like "did you kill your wife?" and the most widely accepted means of "beating" these tests is to fake the physiological response during control questions by clenching the anus, driving the blood pressure up and skewing the readings when compared against the actual questions. Now you know!

Comment Re:Why does the FBI continue to engage in witchcra (Score 5, Insightful) 262

You probably already know this, but for those who may not, the polygraph is mostly an interrogative tool used in eliciting confessions or telltale behavior regardless of its real ability to gauge honesty. As for "beating" a polygraph, the charge is as spurious as the basic claim that it can gauge honesty. If it can't, and it's largely been demonstrated that it can't, there's no reason to hold anyone to the results it presents regardless of what the operator may believe they indicate.

Comment Re: Tax dollars hard at work (Score 1) 120

Right, that's the exact story the officer, Darren Wilson gave. And indeed, it was corroborated, by his girlfriend who wasn't even there. That's about all we know, because the case was not even allowed to go to trial. These are the kind of fundamental injustices people are upset about.

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