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Comment: Re:Fucking Government doesn't care about US (Score 2) 73

by Travis Mansbridge (#47900707) Attached to: NSA Metadata Collection Gets 90-Day Extension
Actually, while the 4th amendment was extended around the '50s to protect telephonic communications, no such extension has been made yet to cover electronic communication. That's the real problem, this is still constitutional because our government is stuck in the 20th century.

Comment: Re:This is very Subjective. (Score 2) 382

Mario 64, by today's standards, is a pretty boring platformer.

Are you kidding? I just played through this again the other day. Flying, swimming, getting shot out of a cannon, riding a turtle shell like a skateboard.. Mario 64 is one of the best 3D games of all time. Ocarina of Time still stands up too.

And while I'm here, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

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