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Comment: Re: Is Tesla making cars... (Score 1) 195

by TransientAlias (#45926797) Attached to: Tesla Sending New Wall-Charger Adapters After Garage Fire
Sounds like substandard house wiring. They probably designed the charger to max out the circuit. It's not their fault that someone else wired up the outlet improperly. It's nice that they are addressing the issue with both software and hardware changes, but these changes are in response to someone else's failure to meet spec.

Comment: Old code, still not available. (Score 1) 479

comparing great coders of the past to great musicians is a little bit wrong... Great musical works by geniuses of their day were exposed, meaning, if you were appropriately skilled, you could simply write them down and look at the score, the code, and see directly what the Genius had wrought. With programming it is more obscure, unless the code has been released to the public, all you have are errors, mistakes, and interface design to illuminate you as to the processes and logic that went into its creation. one example would be google. you don't learn alot about the google backend from its web interface, but you know there is some serious stuff going on in the background to spit out a result to you based on the words that you typed in cross referenced with what amounts to basically all of human knowledge.

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by TransientAlias (#37527128) Attached to: Robot Workforce Threatens Education-Intensive Jobs
Foxconn wants to replace 4 million of its workers with robots in China. The wages there have quintupled in the last few years and it is becoming cheaper to do it with robots in China. The robot revolution happened already, that's why there are no jobs and companies are showing profits despite high unemployment. Welcome to the new economic paradigm.

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you can tell the difference, but you would have already have had to spend a bunch of dough on tuning the room and putting in very good speakers, and tuning them to the room... and of course for the very fine detail, you would have had to spend most of your life wearing earplugs. But there is a difference. also not all microphones need power. most use an induction based transducer to create a very small ac voltage (-60ish dB), which is then bumped up by the mic preamp, depending on the device to -10 or +4 dB. Condenser mics need power to charge the plates, tube mics also need power... and there is at least one mic that I know of which has a dynamic element but has active electronics in it to tweak the frequency response and requires phantom power.

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At some point, the length of cable will reach a point where the capacitance will start to kill the low end of your frequency spectrum... Crosstalk on balanced, twisted pair lines is typically very low. It is the whole point of twisted pair... The transceivers at each end use some form of common mode rejection to kill most of whatever the lines pick up in interference. the higher the number of twists per unit of length, the better it will be at rejecting noise and crosstalk.

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