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Comment Re:New from scratch Opera (Score 2) 140

replying to myself - not form scratch after all - uses chromium as the base...

From the forum re memory usage/optimization:

"Not to burst some bubbles, but I'm afraid that great optimizations will never happen.

Chromium is the base of Vivaldi, and Chromium is resource hungry, period.

Optimize Vivaldi would mean to fork and heavily patch its code base, that would be an effort impossible to sustain for a small company like Vivaldi.

Surely some small optimizations would be possible on the Vivaldi specific code, but don't expect miracles.

If you are on low end/old HW Vivaldi isn't the browser for you, better to look at Otter, Qupzilla, Fifth browser, in that case. "

Oh well.

Comment Re:Linus rants about EVERYTHING (Score 1) 576

Hard to mess up 3 Tablespoons of milk... I made it again tonight as part of dinner (I have a couple of boxes left from a 6 pack) I dunno, still came out watery. And flavorless (as usual). So we added some crispy breadcrumbs and parmesan to make it more palatable.

Never have the problem with Kraft. Not sure why the difference. Never watery, never tasteless - probably more flavorful xxx (cheese?) (and sodium).

Our grocery store's Mac-n-Cheese - yeah, macaroni is a bit overcooked, but the cheddar cheese they use is pretty good, plus they crisp the top a bit with cheese as I would at home. True, overall it can get a bit mushy sitting in the case all that time - but like at home left over mac-n cheese, just needs to be warmed up correctly. I guess we are just lucky here, though their rotisserie chicken is awful - not sure how one messes that up.

Comment Re:Linus rants about EVERYTHING (Score 1) 576

For better or worse, Annie's always come out flavorless and watery as opposed to Kraft. Kind of a Pita.
So i find it better and easier just to get mac-n-cheese pre-made, home-style, in our local grocery store. Competitively priced to the boxed versions.
When I want really good Mac-n-cheese I make it myself, but more often than not the store made version is more than good enough and saves time.

Comment Re:Shipping costs (Score 1) 107

How little do you think this light is? It is USB powered, not USB thumb drive size.
According to various sources, this item is 8"x8"x 2.75". Not so small an item to ship, once you factor in the packaging in which this light might come in before it goes int a shipping box.
So $7 might be still a bit on the high side but not as ridiculous as it is being made out to be.

Comment The look of Chappie (Score 1) 44

Chappie looks a lot like a Warhammer 40K Tau jump suit - mostly the head, but still the overall resemblance is there.

like here:

Combine Chappie's head and the suit form District 9, and voila you have a Tau jump suit, albeit a more rounded and less armored version.


Comment Re:The solution is obvious (Score 5, Insightful) 579

Well, unlike the wireless phone companies, there where no vendors for the PCs that insist on putting their hands on the OS to customize the Android experience (mostly to detrimental effect, in my experience). So yes, Verizon, T-Mobile are on the hook for this one.

My plain vanilla Nexus 4 is still running fine with the latest and greatest, well latest, OS from Google. It is just staring to take some performance hits as compared to when it first came out.

Comment Re:Parents (Score 1) 784

You know how things got to be this way? Because when bad things or unpleasant things happen people sue. And win.
Similarly what happened to education (After my CS degree I also got a teaching certification (back in the 80s) - one track was on social aspects of education through American history - of particular interest to me was how kids are not held back anymore. One word: lawsuits [by disgruntled parents]).
Now a days, all it takes is a phone call by an unhappy parent - why did my Johnny not get into the honors class - I want him to be in there... when in fact Johnny does not have the skills to be in the honors class, but lo and behold Johnny is in the honors class the next day.

Basically, I see in forums that "the government" gets blamed or harangued for overreach for/in issues like this, when really it is (us?) the people doing it to themselves.
In that sense it really is the people are the government here in the US.

On a separate note - my ex-wife worked for CPS in Boston for a few years. The priority was trying to keep children with parents, family, and lastly foster care. It really had to be egregious or consistent flaunting of the plans and/or rules that would result in removal of children from parents. Unfortunately it does happen.

So, in this case it does sound the CPS department over reacted, but I wonder what the case history is in that area to warrant such a display by CPS personnel.

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