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Comment: I wonder who profits... (Score 4, Interesting) 184

by Trailer Trash (#46799603) Attached to: Obama Delays Decision On Keystone Pipeline Yet Again

Even if the pipeline was canceled, it said, the oil sands crude was likely to be extracted and brought to market by other means, such as rail, and then processed and burned.

Hmm, I wonder if our beloved President 1% knows any 1%ers who, say, owns a railroad company?


I wonder how Burlington Northern's doing on this latest news.

Comment: Re:"Something from Nothing" is not science (Score 1) 607

Read pages 126-140 of "Brief History of Time". I'm not talking about physics and as such you should trust Hawking's ideas more than mine. The problem here is that Hawking isn't talking about physics, either. He's bothered by the fact that the Big Bang points to God, at least to him. So he goes off to crazyville trying to get rid of the Big Bang. It's really kind of sad to watch, and it's not science.

As I said, and I quote, "I'm not going to let a belief or disbelief in a deity dictate my feelings about the subject." That makes me more of a scientist than Hawking who sadly allows his belief in the lack of a deity to cloud his thinking in the scientific realm.

Comment: Re:"Something from Nothing" is not science (Score 1) 607

No he doesn't - he sounds like a creation "scientist" explaining how the earth really *could* be only 6000 years old. Yes, the Big Bang might be an incorrect hypothesis, but I'm not going to let a belief or disbelief in a deity dictate my feelings about the subject.

Comment: Re:"Something from Nothing" is not science (Score 1) 607

In "God and the Astronomers", agnostic Robert Jastrow chronicles the development of the Big Bang theory, and how for decades many physicists resisted it; not because of data, but because it meant the universe had a beginning, which was at odds with their worldview (“The Cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be." --Karl Sagan). They recognized that if there was ever truly NOTHING, that science would never be able to explain why there is SOMETHING.

The question of origins is outside the reach of scientific inquiry. I wish the physicists would stop playing in the philosophical and theological sandbox.

If you read Hawking's "Brief History of Time" he is literally driven nuts by the fact that the Big Bang points to a creator and ends up coming up with an absurd hypothesis that would alleviate the necessity of a big bang. Color me unimpressed.

The fact that anything exists is, in and of itself, strange. Even an empty vacuum is something.

Comment: Re:Calculations (Score 1) 147

by Trailer Trash (#46721927) Attached to: Seagate Releases 6TB Hard Drive Sans Helium

If I'm doing my math right here, that comes out to ~1,900km/s at the outter edges of the platter. That's about 0.6% of the speed of light.

Wolfram Math ...Divide by pi and sqrt to get radius, multiply by 2pi to get circumference, multiply by RPM, divide by 60 to get it in seconds... Correct?

So if it's a third the size of Manhattan at rest, how big is the outer edge at full speed?

Comment: Re:Sad, and not black and white either (Score 1) 351

by Trailer Trash (#46704511) Attached to: Isolated Tribes Die Shortly After We Meet Them

We have romantic thoughts about prior times mostly because we forget all the shit about them. Your average medieval market fair .... or the simple fact that most likely everyone reeked to high heavens.

You apparently haven't been the the renfaire around here. But, yeah, other than that, spot on.

Comment: Re:Outrage fatigue (Score 3, Insightful) 230

by Trailer Trash (#46701201) Attached to: Snowden: NSA Spied On Human Rights Workers

Actually the main problem I see with this is how ineffective it makes the NSA. If you spy on every damn thing then there is no way you can adequately cover the important things. This wide area net makes for an incredible amount of holes which is why they suck so badly at real intelligence. We need them on point, not spying on 7 billion people.

This. It's amazing - fucking amazing - that while the NSA was busy spying on Americans Putin was able to invade the Ukraine and surprise us. Like, gee, maybe listening to grandma's phone calls doesn't make us safer. Who'd a thunk it?

I don't mind us having a spy operation. Really. But we didn't catch the Boston bomber, didn't know Putin was going to invade Crimea until he was there. What, exactly, are we paying for here?

Comment: Re:Seems dubious to me. (Score 0) 195

by Trailer Trash (#46699763) Attached to: Comcast Takes 2014 Prize For Worst Company In America

Koch Industries is your first clue about what this is about. Let's face it: nobody has heard of them except from the looney left frothing at the mouth over the evil Koch Brothers. Certainly they're not a well-known company that is selling goods directly to consumers, and quite frankly their business practices don't directly affect anybody. Same with Monsanto. I don't like a lot of their practices but I also don't directly do business with them.

Comcast, on the other hand, is well-known for terrible customer service and all that. Putting all of these on the same page makes the whole thing kind of surreal.

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