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Comment: Re:Eurocopter / Airbus X3 (Score 5, Funny) 103

While a simpler and more conservative design, a helicopter like this already exists: The Eurocopter (now Airbus) X3.

Not yet in production but several functioning machines that already reached speeds of 472 km/h.

Yeah, but we need one that travels in miles per hour.

Comment: Re: If you take the bait (Score 1) 117

Am i the only one who thought the may day was about the soviet style communist celebrations?

I have trouble trusting it on name alone. But you have a good point as well ss many others.

You're not the only one who noticed that. The utter cluelessness to start with "May One" and they move to calling it "May Day" is staggering.

Comment: Re:Bad media coverage (Score 1) 1314

The whole "winshape" part of the "controversy" came after Cathy's comments. It was his comments that set it off, and his comments were no different than those expressed by Obama and Clinton (both) over the years. The difference is that he's an evil "conservative" and they're "Democrats".

Comment: Re:Bad media coverage (Score 3, Informative) 1314

Chick-fil-A were attacked because they were openly bigoted.

Were there any documented cases of Chic-Fil-A refusing to serve someone because they were gay? Refusing to hire someone because they were gay? Attacking someone because they were gay?


Since the guy you're actually asking seems to be uninterested in answering, I'll answer for you.

The answers are "no", "no", and "no".

What happened was that the president of Chik-Fil-A, Dan Cathy, expressed an opinion on same-sex marriage that was exactly what Barack Obama had expressed just a couple of years earlier and that HIllary Clinton had also expressed. Oddly, only one of these three people were harassed for their opinion.

Oddly, it happens to be the one of the three with the least power to effect any change in regard to the subject matter at hand. But, he doesn't claim to be a "Democrat", which is an allegiance which absolves one from all responsibility and repercussions from their opinions.

Comment: Re:Classic $Politician (Score 4, Interesting) 211

Obama seems to be the first mainstream US presidential candidate in a long time to "talk the talk" to the kind of people who read Slashdot. The others have been spouting ignorant crap or simply ignoring the topics that most Slashdotters care about. Therefore Obama is the first president that we can be disappointed in -- the others were known bad before they became presidents.

Um, maybe to you. I saw Obama coming a mile away, he's admittedly even more of a let down than I or anyone else could imagine but I knew the vapid talk was just that. I'm glad you admit that he fooled you, most on your side keep claiming that he's actually not an embarrassing failure and that things are way better than when Bush was in office.

Comment: I don't get the name of this (Score 1) 209

by Trailer Trash (#47285635) Attached to: Steve Wozniak Endorses Lessig's Mayday Super PAC

I mean, Lessig seems like a smart guy. But "May Day" and "May One"? Yeah, I get "may day" as a distress call, but that's way different than "May One". The "May One" links this to the communist holiday (don't bother telling me about the "socialists" - it's tainted by the USSR) and makes the whole thing bizarre.

Beyond that, the idea that "campaign finance reform" is some magic bullet that will solve the problems in our country is a little clueless, too.

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