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Comment: Re:I have your conversion right here... (Score 1) 860

by TractorBarry (#46409487) Attached to: Microsoft's Attempt To Convert Users From Windows XP Backfires

I hear you. I'm stuck on Windows XP due to using Logic 5.5.1, 2 x Audiowerk8 cards and 2 Unitor interfaces.

The drivers for the hardware don't work post XP, not all the VSTs I use work post XP, not sure if Logic 5 will work post XP (some folks say it does but without the hardware working I've not even bothered to try it) so upgrading this machine simply isn't an option.

I've been using this setup for over a decade and I've got somewhere near a thousand songs/mixes etc. in Logic. This setup does what I need and I can whizz round it at great speed so I don't give a shit what Microsoft thinks about upgrading. I'll be running XP until either the hardware dies or I do (with me being more likely to go first).

Just recently stocked up on spare motherboard, hard drives, PSUs, processor & RAM just in case :)

New does not always mean better (hell, look at Windows 8 - it's absolute shite ;)

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 255

by TractorBarry (#46302741) Attached to: Ubuntu 14.04 Brings Back Menus In Application Windows

Wish I had mod points today because you're spot on. If someone wants to radically experiment with a new interface paradigm they should fork the existing app and damn well leave the existing one alone.

Especially when it comes to the desktop GUI and the file manager. Give the new shit as an option, but damn well leave the old shit in place as an option too and allow the user to choose which one they want to use.

Coders need to learn to respect users. People use computers as tools and tools should not be arbitarily changed.

Can you imagine if programmers made hand tools ? You'd come in to work one morning to find your hammer was a paintbrush head glued to the end of a chopstick and the nails had been replaced with rubber toothpicks because some newbie fresh out of kindergarten has decided that's all they need to do and it "lookz kewl".

Comment: War on drugs = war on consciousness (Score 3, Insightful) 194

by TractorBarry (#46108323) Attached to: How the Web Makes a Real-Life <em>Breaking Bad</em> Possible

Trying to stop people altering their consciousness with chemicals is a waste of time. As long as people aren't driving around under the influence, or otherwise endangering third parties, who gives a shit ? If someone is stupid enough to get addicted to something that's their problem. Give it to them free and give them free treatment until they get clean (i.e. don't force them to become petty thieves to sustain a habit)

The real problem with drugs is that they can cause people to lose their societal conditioning and they will no longer play the game and act like a good sheeple.

Not forgetting that prisons and the court system are a great money spinner for the privileged classes.

Look at Victorian England. Laudenum, Cocaine, Opium, Heroin all available over the counter from the local chemist. High society parties where people would have a good dinner then sit around sniffing glue and ether. Did society collapse ? Did people spend all day high doing nothing ? No. A myriad of wonderful mechanical inventions came about, amazing stuff got built and people got on with their lives.

If that's what happens when people can get high in peace bring it on.

Comment: Re:Windows XP still at 28.98% (Score 1) 470

Never mind the software what about the hardware ? I've got quite a few pieces of pro audio equipment that work beautifully and do not have Windows drivers beyond XP.

So I ask myself... am I going to upgrade my O/S and buy thousands of pounds of new hardware whilst simultansously ditching my perfectly working, excellent quality, audio hardware (selling ot for peanuts on ebay) ? Nope. Not a chance in hell.

Just to be on the safe side I've also bought backup copies of my current motherboard, processor, RAM, PSU etc. which will sit in a closet until something fails.

The fact that the Window 8 UI sucks donkey balls in hell and seems to be an attempt to create a retarded childs interactive game in place of a functioning UI is just the icing on the cake. XP is going absolutely nowhere in my studio :)

Comment: Re: O'rly? No wai! (Score 5, Interesting) 201

by TractorBarry (#45356467) Attached to: Protect Your Android Phone By Killing All Its Crapware

+10 agree. Google are the NSA in disguise. The internet was built on anonymity and we're going to have to fight to keep it that way.

Maybe we should all start using "Luther Blisset" as our "Real Name" on anything that ask for one ?

Hell let's all actually change our names to Luther Blisset :)

"There is hopeful symbolism in the fact that flags do not wave in a vacuum." --Arthur C. Clarke