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Comment Re:Reconciling faith with science (Score 1) 305 305

but there will always be certain limits to our knowledge, and beyond those limits, faith will still hold sway.

Why? Why do I need faith for the things beyond the limit of my knowledge? I don't "need" anything, I just need to say "I don't know what happens when I die" and that's it.

Comment Re:Card skimmers (Score 1) 106 106

There is a public key exchange between the terminal and the card. These keys aren't public, and when we inject keys into a terminal it's done in a closed room supervised by security officers.

So I think it must be quite a challenge to do a MITM attack. Also, there is a cryptographic part to the message (the transaction) which is calculated by the chip using an algorithm and a key known only to the chip and to the card emitter. When receiving the transaction, and before aproving it, the emitter does the same calculation and compare the cryptographic result. It's like a checksum, but encrypted. If the amount, card number, or many other fields have been tampered with the transaction is denied.

Comment Re:Card skimmers (Score 1) 106 106

There is already a ton of logic on the chip card. It's a working computer with apps installed on it.

The chip and the reader actually negociate and exchange keys to validate each other, and the app on the card can refuse to do a transaction if the keys don't work.

Now the problem is that we still have to put magnetic stripes on our (canadian) cards because the Americans are 20 years late in implementing chip cards. The rest of the world did it, what are they waiting for?

Comment Re:Real banner week for the TSA... (Score 1) 166 166

And why do you carry a firearm?

I'm in my forties, and I never had need for one. Nor does any member of my extended family, counting tens of cousins, uncles, all the way to grand parents. I've been working fo 20 years and I never heard any discussion about needind a firearm from any of my past and present coworkers.

In fact none of the hundred of persons I met and discussed with in all my life ever made even a comment about needing a firearm to protect themselves.

Seriously, is living in the USA so dangerous?

Comment Re:Insurance companies suffer? (Score 1) 389 389

What's really neat with not fault is that my insurance pays for my damages even if I'm not at fault (they still determine who is at fault to decide if they increase your premiums). Not your fault? You don't pay a dime and have no increase.

I don't have to find out the other bozo doesn't have insurance and having to bring him to court (I hear that it's common in the USA).

If it's really a fucked up accident costing my insurance a ton, they can sue the other guy's insurance company, but I don't have to know anything about that and I don't care.

And it's still quite cheap, I pay only 800$ a year to insure both my brand new SUV and my almost brand new motorcycle... and I have full coverage (comprehensive coverage I think it's called in the US) with a 250$ deductible per incident only if I'm at fault.

Comment Re:Insurance companies suffer? (Score 1) 389 389

We have no-fault here in Quebec, and it's only for material damages.

Medical expenses are covered by a separate collective insurance paid for by everyone who owns a vehicle. And with this insurance, EVERYONE on the road is covered for his medical bills, funeral, loss of autonomy, loss of wages, etc.

And by everyone, I mean even pedestrians, cyclists, even tourists...

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 830 830

I went to school when the transition occurred, and I only learned metric.

But 4 decades later, I still use imperial measures for weight and lenght.
In my head, volume (liters), distances (in km) and speeds (in km/h) are in metric.
Water temperature for a pool makes sense to me only in Fahrenheit, as is the temp for the oven, but outside and inside temperature in Celcius.
And for most recipes I use cups, tablespoons... I'm a mess!

Comment Re:You can do Open right (Score 1) 156 156

So you end up with the choice between a more compact layout, firing a bunch of people, or moving to the burbs.

I vote for Moving to the burbs!!! I fucking hate to have to haul my ass in a stinking subway to a big fucking polluted city full of people every day.

Why do we all have to cram ourselves in office towers when at the same time guys in fucking Bangalore can work on the same systems as us?

Why not create smaller satellite offices all over the country and go to the nearest?

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