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Comment Re:Obligatory Responses (Score 1) 463

What is the range of electric cars when it's -30C?

I need rear defrost, front defrost, and lots of heat. All this heat is not only for comfort, it's primarily to keep windows clear of ice and see outside the car.

At those temps even in a gas powered car you have to keep the heater at full all the time. And if you're not alone in the car, chances are that even at full blast only the windshield and part of the front side windows will remain ice free INSIDE.

And with this requirement, can I still to the 150km round trip I do every other week to go fetch my kids at their mom's house?

And sit 6 with luggage? Because my girlfriend has kids too?

And haul a camping trailer? For 200-500km trips, 4 to 5 times every summer? Including the last-minute, "let's go camping this weekend because the weather is gorgous, ok we have 30 minutes to pack the car and go"?

Because if I have to loan a gas car everytime I hit one of those "exception" to "normal" driving, I'll have to loan a car 4 times a month all year long.

And what happens when almost everybody has an electric car, and wants to loan a gas car for the weekend, holidays or vacation? Well, there will be a shortage of loan cars everytime you'll need one (or the prices will go way up because of the increased demand).

Comment Re:My ideal TV would be a big dump screen, that's (Score 1) 227

You may be able to "perceive" a difference between 720p and 1080p on a 40" set (through vernier acuity). But you are unlikely to be able to actually resolve details at the full resolution of 1080p on your 40" set unless your vision is much better than 20/20.

Exactly, even if you can't resolve every pixels, it still looks better, like it was more "in focus" if it means anything.

And last time I went to the optometrist he said that I had better than 20/20 with my contact lenses.

Comment Re:Death to the touchpad! (Score 1) 491

Well, it was a lame joke.

I don't like all touchpads, some are really crap.

But the one on my laptop is great, really responsive, precise, and I actually use gestures on it (to scroll up or down for example, it's totally intuitive).

I want to change my laptop, but I'm afraid maybe I won't have a good touchpad this time.

I've used the trackpoint a couple of times since the 90's, and I can't get used to it. I always overshoot.

To each his poison ;-)

Comment Re:Don't evolve your business model (Score 1) 219

Just like I can take a pair of scissors and cut out every ad in a newspaper before reading it, I can receive their HTML and CSS on MY machine (which uses hardware I bought and electricity I pay for) and choose what I want to display on MY screen.

Just like I can fast forward ads on recorded tv shows, or get up and take a pee on live tv, ignore billboards, mute the radio while there are ads...

They can lock down their website and require payments, I won't try to circumvent that. If they really offer outstanding content, I'll pay for it (but it's probably the same old crap as anywhere else).

Comment Re:Base 10 sequences, other bases of interest? (Score 1) 189

Yes, I see my error.

I tought his sequence was listing all the numerical symbols sequentially, adding a digit each time, and repeating when all the symbols have been used. Thus having 1234567890123...etc...

Now I see that after 9 it's ten, eleven ,twelve, etc...

So in binary it's indeed

1, 110, 11011, 11011100, etc...


Comment Re:Base 10 sequences, other bases of interest? (Score 1) 189

I just tried his sequence but in base 2 (since I'm a programmer!)

1, 10, 101, 1010, 10101, 101010, etc...

The pattern is boring, each binary value in the sequence, when converted in decimal, repeats the following:

previous value x 2
previous value x 2 + 1

The same list in decimal:

1, 2, 5, 10, 21, 42, etc...

Comment Re:The old talent doesn't understand the new stuff (Score 1) 229

In the glorious world of bank IT, anyhing we need can be implemented using DFSORT, ICETOOL and a little COBOL.

We're currently investing millions in a new system, and guess what? It's JCL and COBOL all the way (with a little ASSEMBLY thrown in for fun).

Why? Because it fucking works. We still have programs from the 70's that process millions upon millions of transactions worth billions of $ every day, and those programs have been modified less than ten times over their working lives.

It Fucking Works. That's it.

Comment Re:VR is going to land with a thud (Score 1) 174

VR is a lot like 3D movies... it get reinvented every 20 years and flops every time.

When I went to the very last World of Commodore in Toronto, circa 1993, VR was everywhere, it was the hottest subject going on in the Amiga community. I still have some flyers somewhere...

At the time I tought that we would have VR headsets in our homes in a matter of 2 or 3 years, and yet 22 years after we still don't have any practical VR.

Sadly, I don't think we'll have Holodecks or Better than Life headbands in my lifetime.

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