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Comment Re:VR is going to land with a thud (Score 1) 174

VR is a lot like 3D movies... it get reinvented every 20 years and flops every time.

When I went to the very last World of Commodore in Toronto, circa 1993, VR was everywhere, it was the hottest subject going on in the Amiga community. I still have some flyers somewhere...

At the time I tought that we would have VR headsets in our homes in a matter of 2 or 3 years, and yet 22 years after we still don't have any practical VR.

Sadly, I don't think we'll have Holodecks or Better than Life headbands in my lifetime.

Comment Re:Uber is as safe as taxis (Score 1) 470

Wait about ten years when drivers have been jaded by low fares and bad customers.

Or wait about ten years when the mob has taken control of ridesharing, and then if you take a passenger in their neighborhood you'll receive a warning or a beating, depending on their mood.

Comment Re:Brother Guy rocks: (Score 1) 268

Yes, but you must take into account that at the time, if you were poor, the only way to get and education and learn a lot of things was to become a monk or a priest. Those got to learn to read and write, and had a lot of time to study and discuss with each other.

So, if all those Catholic scientists would be alive today instead of hundreds of years ago, do you really think they would still have become Catholics or they would have been regular scientists (and by regular I mean not monks, priests or clerics)?

I think that they were curious, intelligent guys who took the only option available to them at the time to expand their knowledge.

Comment Doors (Score 1, Troll) 322

Those falcon wing doors looks cool, but what about winter? Will the motors be powerful enough to overcome ice? Where will the snow on roof go when you open them?

What a about a ski rack? Where do you put your canoe or your kayak? Your bikes?

Or a luggage rack? Because it's cool to have a 7 passenger SUV, but where do you put the luggage?

When we go camping as a family, we're 6. The only space left for luggage is the tiny space left in the trunk and the big luggage box on the roof.

Comment Re:Insurance policy (Score 1) 145

It's all part of the monopolistic government-delivery service-insurance industry complex that is ruining the Western world.

Of course... of course... Can you just stay still for a moment?

Give me your arm... you will only feel a little prick... There, relax, it will all be over in a moment.

Comment Re:Better (Score 1) 130

Dude, do you even travel? Do you stay in your mom's basement 365 days a year?

Yeah robots are great for science. Just like Google Street view is great for a virtual visit to a foreign city.

But being there is much much more rewarding than virtual presence.

No it's not a rationnal argument... but life is not always rationnal.

It's depressing...

Comment Re:The only Gaming Notebooks are P&P (Score 1) 90

I don't know why people buy something like this as it's clearly not for me.

There, you said it. Different users have different needs.

Personnaly I would never go back to a desktop. It takes too much space, and I love that I can do gaming, and browsing, and anytime I want I just pick up my laptop and bring it with me anywhere in the house.

I could have a gaming desktop AND a cheap laptop, but then I'd have 2 machines to maintain, (on top of the 5 other laptops in my household).

And to be sure I can acces my data on both computers, I'd have to either duplicate it or put it on a network drive or (god forbid) The Cloud(TM), and it would not be seemless.

The fact is I work in IT, been a programmer for 25 years, and I don't know anyone (friends, family or close colleague) who still has a desktop.

Of course I'm not a passionnate gamer, as long as I have more than 30fps on most games I play I'm happy.

Comment Re:AdBlock+ = inferior & 'souled-out' vs. host (Score 1) 215

Oh, not that shitty spam again? Who are you? You sit at home all day, glued to Slashdot, and as soon as someone mention "adblock" you cut & paste your shit?

And drop the bold on important words. Bold or CAPS on some words instantly rings my "scammer" alarm.

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