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Comment Re: Repeal and Replace. (Score 1) 285

Do you really think someone can become ill just because he made bad choices in his way of life?

What about pollution? Viruses? Cancer? Car accidents? Those can happen to you even if you are an olympic athelete eating a vegan diet who has never smoked, drank alcohol or even coffee in his life.

To think that cancer or having a life threatening infection can't happen to you because you chose a good lifestyle is a proof that you don't understand anything about health.

You're a selfish, egocentric person, you don't want to share anything with others. I sincerely hope that you never need help from others, but it could happen to you in a flash.

Humans are social animals, because it's much easier to survive as a group, helping each other as needed. Sometimes it's you who are going to contribute to others, and sometimes it's other who will contribute to you. That's part of being a responsible human being.

Comment Re:Gibberish (Score 1) 121

How do you explain the fact that drugs, and physical interactions with the brain (be it accidental, like injury, or voluntary, like implanted electrodes) can alter someone's personality, memories, mood, in fact all that make this person unique?

How do you explain the results of a lobotomy? We only damaged the interface? The "real" consciousness of that person still exists outside his physical brain, but he can't access it?

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 539

Yes of course that was a bad example.

What about a free newspaper, like those distributed in the subway?

I can rip off all ads before reading it, once it's in my hands I can do whatever I like with it (apart from copying and distributing the articles, that's not permited of course).

I have not bought and paid the webpage I'm viewing, my browser requested the content at an address, and the web server sent me the content. For free. Now that this content is on my computer, I can do what I like with it. I can delete it in part or in whole, I can choose to display any part of it on my browser, I can save it to read it later, I can look at the source code, I can display it using my own CSS to alter how it's looking...

It's MY computer, that I bought myself. I'm the administrator on this computer, I can choose what I want to display, what code I want to execute, what files I want to delete, save, alter, etc.

Now if they want to have total control on how the page is displayed, they're welcome to lend me a computer where they are the administrator, they use their electricity, and their internet connections.

I pay for my hardware and ressources, I'm the only one who can decide how they're used.

My computer is private property, the processor, RAM and storage space is part of my private domain, nobody can decide what's going on in my house as long as I obay all laws.

So, like you said, if the content creator or distributor doesn't want me to display the content like I want, their only option is NOT to send it to my computer. I have no problem with that, it's not like I will miss it.

Comment What? (Score 1) 539

If I buy a newspaper, and I hire someone to remove all ads before I read it, is it censorship? No, of course not. I can do what I like with the newspaper, including burning it, using it in a bird's cage, etc...

When I request a web page, and the server sends it to MY computer, MY browser can render it any way I like. I can add an extension to remove all ads so that what's appearing on MY display, using MY computer, is how I like it. I can even write my own browser, and interpret and display the page any way I like, just like I can cut out every article in the newspaper et rearrange it any way I like.

What's the difference? Cutting out paper ads, or cutting out digital ads, when the data is on my computer I can do whatever I like with it (except of course I have to respect copyright, so I can't redistribute it).

Comment Re:Is it really a big issue? (Score 1) 293

You don't know what you're talking about.

Have you even done some research on no fault?

Where I live we have this, and you can't flee from the scene of the accident. If you do that and they find you, you'll have a huge fine and they revoke your driver's permit for 30 days.

What it means is that if I'm in an accident, I don't have anything to do with the other driver beside exchanging info. If he's not insured, that's not my problem. That's my insurance company's problem, they'll deal with him.

I can still be found at fault and will have to pay a deductible if that's the case, but I will only deal with MY insurance company. They'll deal with the other insurance company or the individual themselves if there's a problem.

All this is only for material damages mind you, because for injuries we have a collective insurance which is paid by cars registrations and driver's permits. This insurance automatically covers EVERYONE on the road, including pedestrians, cyclists, event tourists (so if you come here and get hit by a car while crossing the road, you're covered!).

No fucking lawsuits, no millions $$$ of damage, no ambulance chasers, just peace of mind.

Comment Re: Meanwhile... (Score 1) 302

Netflix is doing good with their original content and has a good selection of overall (and I'm Canadian using the Canadian Netflix). The wife and I cut our cords over a year ago now. We get a lot of content from Netflix now (mostly for our 4 yr old)

I would say that the content of the Canadian Netflix is getting better, but there's still a serious lack of french dub.

I watch everything in english, but my kids aren't fluent enough for now and prefer watching the french version, and it's getting tiring everytime we sit for a bunch of Netflix and have to click on every single movie to see if it's dubbed in french or not (why can't we have a search option for this?).

And it's really stange that sometimes the dvd cover is displayed in french, the description is in french, but it's english only. And a lot of these movies are old, and I know for sure that a french dub exists for them. I have also seen some French movies (real French movies, from France) where Netflix offers only the english dub!!! WTF?

At least all the original Netflix content is available in a lot of languages, that's really smart when you try to become a world leader in streaming, so kudos to them for at least trying.

Comment Re: On the one hand ... (Score 1) 132

And a cracker not only removed protections, but often had to also port the games to NTSC since a lot of games and demos in the 80's where not imported to the US/Canada and those were in PAL.

Porting usually meant optimizing the game to fit in the NTSC timing which was shorter than PAL (less scan lines, so less time to execute code before next screen).

And I remember that in those times Hacker meant someone trying to penetrate computers/networks, Cracker meant someone bypassing/removing protections from software, and Phrackers where those who hacked the phone lines.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 338

because the heater, whether heat pump or fossil fuel, is a lot cheaper than electric heat.

That depends on where you live. Here in Quebec, Canada, electric heating is much cheaper than fossil fuel. And heat pumps are not very efficient below -10 C.

If you run your AC in the summer, I agree that it make sense to have less heat and more light. But then again it's a minority of houses that have AC here up north.

Comment Re:Bull Spit (Score 1) 259

they haven't even begun to test snow and ice.

From what I've heard, they're not even able to tackle a road that hasn't been mapped in detail, including having recorded the position of every single stop sign, traffic light, speed limit, etc.

I don't even know if this google car can handle a police officer trying to direct traffic. Probably not...

Comment Re:Bull Spit (Score 1) 259

Speech recognition is still awful if you try it in any other language than english.

It's still as funny and as unreliable as when I first tried it in the 90's.

For any phrases that I try, there are at least 1 or 2 words that are not only wrong but are completely unrelated to the context.

Just like autocorrect, which sugeests me words that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever with what I'm trying to type.

Maybe in 10 years it'll be reliable (again, when not using english). But for now it's a complete joke.

Comment Re:Why are people accepting this? (Score 1) 152

and speaking to control a computer (only something we've fantasized about in movies for half a damn century now) is somehow infinitely better than actually having to lift fingers and depress a touch screen.

That's your opinion, from my point of view it's the total opposite. Voice control outside of my home is a total no-no for me. I hate speaking to people, what makes you think that I would like to speak to a thing?

In fact I also despise touch screens, give me real physical buttons, keyboards, knobs and sliders, without any lag, and I'll be very happy.

I'm so tired of all the lag that is creeping everywhere. It seems like things are becoming slower, not faster. There's always lag on every button press, when you turn something on, when you change volume, or the button lights up but the action comes after, or the reverse, and then you press it twice because you think it didn't register your click... It's worse on touch screens.

And voice recognition is the mother of all laggy way to command something.

No counting the fact that I've yet to find a working voice recognition for my mother tongue. You see I speak French, but I don't live in France. Wich means that all voice recognition software is almost useless unless I fake a French accent instead of my own Quebecois accent.

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