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Comment 130 hour weeks and "people first"? (Score 2) 167 167

"When Google was a young company, she worked 130 hours per week and often slept at her desk." Ref:
I don't think Yahoo is a place I'd like to work at. And come to think of it, she was promoted pretty high in the food chain at Google, which says something about working at Google too?

Comment Face detection, perhaps? (Score 3, Interesting) 142 142

I didn't read the article, of course, but the summary sounds like they're doing face *detection* not recognition.
Detection: find which portions of an image are faces.
Recognition: compare to a database of faces and find out whose face it is.
First is way easier than the other.

Comment Re: .NET is NOT “Open Source” .. (Score -1, Troll) 253 253

Okay, it's MIT licensed, and there's a patent promise - which i personally don't trust, but you're welcome to.

However, what the hell is a "CoreCLR" and how does it help?
I gave up on .NET back in the 2000s when I scoured MSDN for half a day to find out an overview for someone who wants to learn this "dot net" technology. Couldn't find any. I still don't know what they mean by .NET, and I have a feeling the meaning has changed every 2 years.
This is just the bytecode execution runtime, right? As in: no GUI libraries, for one - which makes it useless for porting Windows applications to other operating systems since, well, there aren't many command line Windows applications.

Actually don't bother answering. Honestly, it's been a long while since I cared what Microsoft does. You can make a very decent living as a developer while totally ignoring them.

Real programs don't eat cache.