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Submission + - The man with the golden blood (

Torontoman writes:

His doctor drove him over the border. It was quicker that way: if the man donated in Switzerland, his blood would be delayed while paperwork was filled out and authorisations sought.

The nurse in Annemasse, France, could tell from the label on the blood bag destined for Paris that this blood was pretty unusual. But when she read the details closely, her eyes widened. Surely it was impossible for this man seated beside her to be alive, let alone apparently healthy?

Thomas smiled to himself. Very few people in the world knew his blood type did – could – exist. And even fewer shared it. In 50 years, researchers have turned up only 40 or so other people on the planet with the same precious, life-saving blood in their veins.

Comment There aren't really any problem (Score 2) 152

Really given the 'error rate' that Tesla has with this issue they have fixed something that wasn't really a problem at all. Or at least it was one that was so insignificant it's no big deal. I'd also like to say: Great Job Tesla on showing how to make a great product and stick it to the old guard as well.

Comment Re:Consultants (Score 1) 529

It's not naive at all it's based on fact. But yes I guess some systems will allow for rule bending from the parent level and as anyone in the US knows - "Aptitude" tests (SATs for example) have flaws. The established system in Canada is quite rigid and testing is done in the absense of parents and your kid could study forever and it's just something that can't be learned. Just like you can't take a kid with a genetic defect that puts the kid at an IQ of 80 - and through learning bring his IQ up to 100. Just not likely to happen. Sure they can be 'smarter' through learning but this testing dertermines intrinsic aptitude and learned things aren't what is tested.

Comment Re:Of course it's going to exacerbate inequality. (Score 1) 529

Giftedness you either have or you don't. Johnny won't show up as gifted just because you used your money and hired tutors to give him an edge. You can't make your kid intrinsically smarter in the way that the gifted testing identifies. At least not to the magnitude needed to be categorized as gifted. My 10 year old son is gifted. There was one other kid in his grade of ~100 that were determined to be gifted. The probability distribution showed he has intelligence that is "one kid per 1000 or above" - you can't take a 'smart' kid and make him gifted. What the testing determines is kids who are hardwired with extreme exceptional cognitive abilities and reasoning and not that he's a good student who has worked harder.

Comment Re:Higher SAT scores, etc (Score 1) 529

(We live in Ontario Canada...) My son is in Grade 5 and is Gifted and (math art and general knowledge) it's astounding how we had some astoundingly large life-altering decisions to make on his behalf last year (Grade 4 is when the province assesses all students). Your assumption that gifted kids learn on their own any more than 'normal' kids and somehow don't need as much guidance is wrong. They need the same guidance but that guidance needs to be at their pace. While very smart the issue isn't that they self-learn it's that they absorb the information at a much quicker pace than the rest of the class. Think of it like owning a Ferarri with a 250mph top speed and only being able to drive it in 40mph roads every day. It might take most people in the class 5 attempts at a new concept (for example multiplication or exponents) before it sinks in - gifted kids get it the first time and move on. The problem is then they sit there bored while the rest of the class goes at a 'normal' pace. So the lost opportunity is what is missed. He sits around unchallenged and understimulated. If my kid can learn something the first time he shouldn't have to wait while everyone else figures it out on the fifth attempt. This is where it builds frustration for the kids and the teachers and gifted kids who it's already been determined have very quick minds- they can cause a hell of a lot of disruption. It's in fact very similar to how a developmentally challenged kid on the other end of the spectrum needs special attention the 'average' class setup can't support it. We chose the itinerant program for our son rather than wholeheartedly moving him to the gifted school because he enjoys his friends he has and 'balance' is important to us and him rather than the potential isolation of moving him out on an 'island'. He goes every month or so to a gifted school for a week and they tackle very intresting topics. Since it's full of gifted kids the pace and challenge and maturity of the content is unreal for 10 year olds but it's very liberating and has helped a tonne. This whole process of finding this out explained the whole reason why we were constantly frustrated with the School system. It wasn't serving his needs. Now that he has been identified there is an individual program set up for his specific needs and he gets the special attention he needs *without being a detriment to the overall system*. It's been wonderful.

Submission + - Google Chrome SSL Certificate problems (

Torontoman writes: It seems like the recent pushed upgrade to Google Chrome has caused problems to anyone trying to get onto websites using SSL if they're running Windows 7. This would be Facebook and Gmail and Hotmail (among other sites). Ironically to see any progress on a fix, one has to switch over to another browser to read and post on the Google forums.

Comment Re:I don't get it -- what's in it for Google? (Score 5, Insightful) 179

They make money by driving people into their product and disrupting other companies. It's awesome really how disruptive Google is to competitors. They're making a larger argument for getting rid of a landline and even in time a voice plan... hell... if wi-fi is available you don't even need a data plan just a tablet or laptop with wifi. Voila - free phone calls and you're even more in love with Google. It's a very disruptive scenario they've sprung on the telcos today. By increasing reliability and acquiring more behaviour from you - they know everything you do in another aspect of your life. It's easy with that info to target you with ads, or sell a connection with you to a company. **prediction** - this will interface with Google streetview some day. You'll be able to simply 'walk' down a street and click on a house or company to call. There goes all phone book / yellow pages cos. Businesses will be buying the virtual real estate on Streetview. GPS - Geolocation - you'll be able to simply ask your phone "Where is the closest (insert store here) and it'll dial that phone number for you.

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