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Comment Re:News that matters? (Score 1) 257

The others I mentioned are scripted using the JSR-223 interface; not something you'd use for anything really deep. Scala is just Java with the compiler replaced by the same guy who more-or-less wrote the current javac, but allowing himself to define a new language with a lot of the mistakes in the design of the Java language itself mitigated. It's totally OO and totally functional at the same time, yet can use existing Java libraries with an amazing level of transparency.

Comment Kinda pricey... (Score 5, Informative) 257

This just in: "Mono for Android includes the core Mono runtime, bindings for native Android APIs, a Visual Studio 2010 plug-in for developing and testing Android applications, and a software development kit (SDK). The enterprise edition costs $999 (£613) per developer per year, including maintenance and updates. A five-developer enterprise licence costs $3,999 per year, and a professional edition costs £399 per developer per year."


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