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Comment: Re:So basically they're saying: Automated is bette (Score 2) 308

by Tompko (#44900979) Attached to: To Boldly Go Nowhere, For Now
The sensor failure caused the plane to decide that a human would be better flying, but the stall warning was still working. If the pilot had put the nose down, and increased engine speed the plane would have flown out of the stall. Unfortunately the pilot didn't know the plane was operating in "reduced" mode and thought the stall warning was malfunctioning, raising the nose and deepening the stall. The stall remained recoverable until quite late into the incident, if the pilot had taken the right actions.

Comment: Re:100million or less than 1% older (Score 1) 245

Actually it's even better than close, the previous figure had an error of 120 million years either way. So, this new figure while being at the outside of that range is still within it. I haven't seen any error bounds on the new figure, but assuming it's fairly small this observation ties in exactly with what was previously observed.

Comment: Re:Cost of a textbook? (Score 5, Informative) 349

by Tompko (#37283992) Attached to: Details About Raspberry Pi Foundation's $25 PC

It has a HDMI port

It also has an analogue TV out.

We don't even know how much RAM will it have

The $25 version will have 128Mb, and there's a $35 with 256Mb.

whether it will run Linux

It will run Linux, originally the hope was to run Ubuntu but with their restricted memory footprint they're having to go with a version of Debian instead. Amazing what you can learn when you watch the full video and actually listen to it.

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