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Comment: Re:NTFS (Score 1) 347 347

I was the same (but using Fedora), so happy with my 6 year old Dell Inspiron and Linux that I bought a new Dell Inspiron last year. Whoops. It seems the new Dell wifi chip isn't yet supported by Linux :( So I'm using a wi-fi dongle...when I'm not booting into Windows 7.

Comment: Re:Hashes not enough either (Score 1) 84 84

Does a challenge-response system appear as part of the spec for html, or implemented by common web toolkits? So many websites sound as if they are rolling their own login system which simply hides the password typed in and that's it! Do Amazon, eBay or gmail use a challenge/response system?!

Comment: Re:Of course it was! (Score 1) 555 555

It's calculated by assuming you will get the same weekly wage for a year. The tax office produces some tables employers can use as a guide, so if weekly wage is $x, deduct $y as the tax component. I guess any extra pay (overtime, bonuses etc) is paid at your marginal tax rate.

If you have a second job, that job is meant to tax you at the top tax rate, so the tax office gets an excess of your money and returns it to you when everything is reconciled at the end of the year (by submitting your tax return).

Comment: Re:Which is why... (Score 1) 499 499

When I had my Appendectomy (old style, not key-hole) I woke up 8 hours afterwards and had zero pain!

It never hurt once, even though the nurse told me they were authorised to give me pain relief all the way up to morphine if I needed it. I assumed they gave me something after the surgery which hid the immediate pain for a day or two.

Comment: Re:I can easily Halve the space needed. (Score 1) 287 287

Khyber, can you share some ballpark figures on what would be required?

How low-power can the illumination be to keep the plants healthy during the two week lunar night? Something below full sunlight like 250 W/m2 for 12 hours a day?

The article says 50 sqm is required for a single person, so to last two weeks that would require 2,100 kWh of batteries. That would take the battery packs from 25 Tesla Model S cars with a weight maybe over 10 tonnes?

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