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Comment uhhhh - musta missed something here (Score 1) 332

"...but they're driving towards a future where you don't need to manage your iOS device with a PC at all – Mac or Windows.'"

Wonder how that'll work with my non-3g iPad, since I don't have wi-fi at home.

Does that mean I have to go to some place like a Starbucks to do manage my iPad? And as a photographer, I manage our iPad portfolios via our PC, no cloud needed nor wanted.

Comment Perhaps this is a better solution... (Score 1) 805

Japan has developed a speech jammer. So instead of zapping all the cell phone threads in range (what is the typical effective radius?), just stop the person from talking for a bit. http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/309140/20120305/japanese-speech-jammer-ways-used.htm

Comment Re:It's ridiculous. (Score 1) 426

Not to mention the fact that fining them doesn't work - in reality. Exxon still hasn't paid out on the Valdez, and no one's holding their toes to the fire to do so. Instead, they raised their pricing to make consumers bear the cost of a non-existent layout of $$$, which other oil companies then hiked pricing to match.

186,000 Miles per Second. It's not just a good idea. IT'S THE LAW.