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Comment So what...? (Score 1) 89

"the supercomputer has more than 45,000 processor cores and runs at petfalops."

So what happened here? Is this like the cubic centimeter limits for motors where if you go over a size limit new rules go into effect? Like you don't have to pay to register your supercomputer if it is under 2.000 "petfalops" (whatever the hell that is)?

...or did someone realize after it was built that Excel had been rounding on them, and they were 113 processors short of the 2 "petfalops" system specified in the bid?

Comment Re:Where's "Scroll Lock"? (Score 1) 698

I'm guessing their "developers" don't actually use an IDE. Even on my Mac I use a two-button mouse just to get context-sensitive menus.

I could be wrong, but I was assuming this was because it was being tracked by a Chrome plugin that much of the activity outside of the web browser was not captured.

I personally use caps lock all the time when typing SQL queries. Outside of that, I rarely use it.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 289

OEM information like what? USB has the Vendor ID and Device ID, that's enough to load the correct driver.

USB VID and PID is typically the IHV Vendor and DeviceID information, and is rarely changed when integrated into an OEM system. I understand that the OEM can update these values, but most often they don't.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 2) 289

There is nothing stopping them from getting WHQL certification of their OEM drivers and submitting them to Microsoft. If their drivers are written properly (with proper hardware identification strings for PCI / USB / ACPI devices) then they will apply before generic drivers, and this isn't even a problem.

PCI is the only bus type you listed that includes OEM information embedded in the device identifier (using the subsystem VendorID). USB doesn't, and for the most part, neither does ACPI.

Additionally, OEMs don't typically certify device drivers through WHQL. It is usually the IHV that certifies the component/driver, and the OEM certifies the system consisting of components from different IHVs.

Comment Re:Define "read" (Score 1) 164

I wish I could do that, but I'm personally unable to listen to an audiobook while doing anything else without completely losing track of what's going on in the audiobook.

What I have found is that the kind of driving I am doing matters a lot when listening to audio books. If there needs to be any frontal cortex decision making (route planning, looking for unexpected obstacles, driving in the city), then audio books aren't an option. There is simply no way to pay attention to both at the same time.

My work commute is about 15 minutes each way, and is on the highway. With this kind of driving I have no problem listening to a book while driving.

Mundane chores are also a good time to listen. I can unload the dishwasher, fold laundry, weed the garden, etc. while listening to a book.

I recommend a service like Audible that enables you to listen to books on your phone or other mobile device. This way you can have it near while on the toilet, in the car, doing the dishes....

Everyone is different, so what works for me may not work for you.

Comment Re:Once again (Score 1) 755

Most people have no idea how cell phones work. Does that mean God made cell phones?

I don't think that most people would attribute a cell phone to being made by God, but they would point out that the cell phone had a creator (and thus was not happenstance). Even without knowing the origin of a cell phone, intuition and basic understanding would tell them that it would not exist without intentional design. I think this same intuition is what many use to believe that the universe also was intelligently created.

While the author doesn't cite the equation in question, is clear that he is referring to the Drake Equation. The problem with that is that the Drake Equation is an estimation of detectable life in our galaxy. And so when he states that we keep adding criteria to the equation that diminishes the odds of life existing, he is also being incredibly misleading about what the equation represents. By the definition of the Drake equation, our civilization is not detectable - and we would not make the list.

The universe is also a bit larger than our galaxy.

He then goes on to misuse probability to make the case that the odds that our universe could exists are so incredibly low that only a fool would think it just happened this way.

I am extremely disappointed in the WSJ for publishing the article - even as an opinion. The article is fraudulent.

Comment Re:Maybe they should focus on... (Score 1) 415

A cursory look at the list of activity, and I don't see anything wrong. Most of that is background compile (ngen) of managed libraries, which is triggering the antivirus software based on the recompiled binaries being written to disk.

This is actually a good feature, IMHO. Microsoft will periodically release updates to the compiler to fix security related issues, as well as performance enhancements. Binaries can either be recompiled at load time, or while the system is idle.

Comment Re:really? (Score 4, Interesting) 171

They didn't rewrite the kernel from scratch so that puts it into 6.4 - 6.99999 range.

Just a minor nitpick... Software version numbers are not decimal numbers but separate units (major.minor).

After 6.9 comes 6.10. After 6.99999 comes 6.100000.

Just another minor nitpick... Windows stores OS versions as an unsigned 64 bit integer, consisting of four 16 bit ordinals. When displaying a "friendly" string version of the version, the four ordinals are separated by periods.

So 6.99999 is not a possible version, as 99999 overflows a 16 bit unsigned integer.

Comment Re:This is aimed at carriers like Verizon Wireless (Score 1) 427

They also had that deal with Microsoft that made Bing the default search engine on all their phones ("Droid" branded ones excluded, the rest of their Android phones did have it).

Serious question here:

So fucking what?

Google's entire economic model is based on the user consuming Google services, especially search. There is no altruism from Google to develop Android. They did it to corral users to Google services, and having mobile phone providers place Bing as a default search engine undermines the value of investment Google has placed in Android.

Comment Re:We don't need a complicated technical "solution (Score 1) 66

Does your solution account for weather forecast? Because watering the lawn 12 hours before it is going to rain seems like a bit of a waste.

I'd love to have a timer that was smart enough to read the local weather forecast, and make decisions. I'd also love to have a timer where I could walk the zones in my garden periodically and using my smart phone/tablet and increase/decrease the amount of watering duration for the zone.

Comment Re:Time to move into the Century of the fruit bat. (Score 1) 1198

Given that the death penalty was in existence prior to his crime, yet the perp still did what he did, it seems that the threat of punishment was no deterrent.

While I personally agree that death penalties probably don't have much of an effect on capital crimes, I do feel the need to point out that a deterrent doesn't always eliminate the undesired behavior. Saying that the deterrent didn't work because instances still occur does not take into account all of the instances that did not occur because of the deterrent.

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