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Comment: iiNet is our second biggest ISP! (Score 1) 263

by TimmyRt (#38815237) Attached to: US Embassy Sanctioned Lawsuit Against Aussie ISP iiNet

Owing to its smaller size and more limited resources, iiNet was gauged the perfect candidate.

According to Wikipedia iiNet is out second largest ISP these days, and are doing pretty well considering they just bought Internode for $105. They've been fighting for the user for a while now, and recently did just win against AFACT.


Nvidia Waiting In the Wings In FTC-Intel Dispute 143

Posted by kdawson
from the let-the-chips-fall dept.
The NY Times has a Bits Blog piece speculating on some of the fallout if the FTC prevails in its anti-competition lawsuit against Intel. The Times picks out two among the 26 remedies proposed by the regulator, and concludes that they add up to Nvidia being able to license x86 technology. This could open up 3-way competition in the market for combined CPU-graphics chips. There is a good deal of circumstantial evidence pointing to the possibility that Nvidia has been working on x86 technology since 2007, including the presence on its employment rolls of more than 70 former Transmeta workers.

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