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Comment Required & Beneficial (Score 2) 292

Required should be no more than a handful of things unless you are willing to pay a kings ransom' Beneficial/Favorable can be a mile long. Also in tech the education requirement needs to ALWAYS have 'Or Equivalent' experience. Otherwise you will interview the the Doctorate who hasn't touched a computer in 10 years and ignoring the self taught whiz right out of the box. A handful of employers have skipped over me because I lack a degree as if a degree in technologies from 25 years ago would be beneficial in some way?

Comment I don't think they CAN be undervalued in Web Dev (Score 1) 323

The skills are so different they don't benefit from each other. Front End Devs need UI and ascetics as well as general programming skills. Back end Devs need business logic, database, and general programming skills. Knowledge of the elemental composition of plastics, or knowledge of resistor band codes won't come in handy in either.

Comment Only slightly safer than buying in US (Score 2) 178

Its never secure, however buying directly from a supplier who has a good reputation to protect is is safer than buying from a distributor in the US. Simply because if you purchase direct and discover something they would be easily exposed,and that would kill their business. The more hands it gets passed through the more opportunities for someone to sneak something in.

Comment It's not bigotry,it's simply security concerns (Score 1) 73

Most of us have moved onto Androids and iPhones, but the few people still using Blackberries are doing so because they offer security the other 2 don't. Part of that security is that it is sold by a Canadian company and Canada has had a pretty good reputation for respecting privacy and security. China has an extremely well deserved reputation of being espionage happy, this wouldn't go over well with those customers.

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