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Comment Re:Social Media: Removing Money from Politics (Score 1) 294

Like I said, its better than corporations manipulating politicians. I'd rather have the masses manipulated than the powerful few -- at least then, we can stop blaming politicians and start blaming each other -- a necessary step to move forward in this country!

Comment Re:Using the media to hide the impact (Score 1) 294

Isn't thei tax the source of funding for SSI? It looks like saying "I'm cutting the payroll tax" == "I'm bankrupting SSI faster than ever!" SSI is in the red, this will not help, it will hurt 'real-world' 'middle-class families'. This goes well past obfuscation and looks like intentional dishonesty to me. This will hurt everyone.

And we can only hope this leads to less defense spending and tax rates that were on par with the 1960s and '70s.

Comment Social Media: Removing Money from Politics (Score 1, Interesting) 294

It is great to see Twitter used for people to have their voice heard! I have more respect for politicians when they take the time to listen to the people rather than corporate lobbies. Having the Twitter trending algorithm manage our political agenda is a scary thought, however.

Comment Re:Online education - really? (Score 1) 96

That really depends on the student and the household. As long as the student and the parents are both working towards independence (maybe his/her own apartment the third or fourth year), this can work extremely well. Many of those same skills I mentioned before are still a part of this type of life-style, however, this is not the case for online learning.

Comment Online education - really? (Score 3, Insightful) 96

I have hired (and later fired) people with an online education -- I am seriously skeptical of the quality of understanding obtained from taking online classes.

While I agree that expanding the access to education is a great idea, there is no substitute for attending a brick-and-mortar university. Online courses and online lectures are a supplement to learning -- in the same sense that a text book and a lecturer is a supplement to learning. There are certain skills that you will only learn by living on your own; such as learning to balance your social life, classes, managing a schedule, and other activities. However, if you sit in your parent's house (or basement, like most /.'ers), these skills that will be missed; many of these skills are crucial for self-learning, which is required to successfully understand an online class.

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