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Journal: Entry the second

Journal by Timberwolf0122
well huzzar I got the first few bits done. I'm going to go .Net

The base-classes have been written (although they are subject to enhancement as I go).

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Journal: Captains Log Stardate, errr.... 1

Journal by Timberwolf0122

I have come to the conclusion that this is just another manic monday. I personaly wish it was Sunday, because thats my fun day when I dont have to runday.

Enough chease. I like most am a touch board so I have desided to design a game, sort of a Ellete esk but you can build the ship from scratch (right down to the type of cup holders).

All the ships will be composite object collections that will allow for very complex interactions. At first it will be a simple 2d web interface but that may change. I am still choosing between .NET (C#) and Java, both have merits.

Anywho I'll keep the world posted on my endevour.

Are we running light with overbyte?