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Comment: Re:Substantially correct, but . . . (Score 1) 263

by Tim the Gecko (#49721181) Attached to: Book Review: The Terrorists of Iraq

I assume this should be Vietnam, rather than Iran. This is from the earlier point that "the US ignored history and didn't learn the lessons of the Iraqi revolt against the British in 1920 or the events of the Vietnam War".

Certainly "Underreporting U.S. casualties, over reporting enemy losses, and obfuscating how terrible the situation on the ground was." sounds like a good summary of what was done in Vietnam.

Comment: Re:Unity next (Score 3, Interesting) 494

by Tim the Gecko (#49544981) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd

I've been using Unity for a few years and I like it. Typically I might have several browser windows, several terminals, and other windows like WireShark open. In the older UI these would have all been accessible from the bottom bar, and there might be twenty or so tabs there. Unity changes it around so you go to the side (a good place to put things on a 16:9 monitor) and select the browser, terminal, or another icon. With the muscle memory in place it has worked very well. Alt-tab also works as you might expect. I also have Mac laptops, and it's not especially annoying to go from one UI to the other.

Comment: Re:too many slashdotters (Score 1) 172

by Tim the Gecko (#49540373) Attached to: I spend most of my time ...

The 5280' mark is on the steps of the state capitol

Not just one... three!

"Additionally, the official elevation of Denver is measured outside the west entrance to the building, where the fifteenth step is engraved with the words "One Mile Above Sea Level." From this step, at 5,280 feet (1,609 m), the sun can be seen setting behind the Rocky Mountains. A second mile high marker was set in the 18th step in 1969 when Colorado State University students resurveyed the elevation. In 2003, a more accurate measurement was made with modern means, and the 13th step was identified as being one mile (1.6 km) high, where a 3rd marker was installed."

The colored seats at Coors Field are pretty cool too - https://commons.wikimedia.org/...

Comment: Re:Doublethink (Score 4, Insightful) 686

by Tim the Gecko (#49535763) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden

I wonder how those elderly will feel as their Social Security and Medicare programs are stripped clean in order to pay for that police state they champion so much...

So the generation that votes wants to maintain Social Security and Medicare, even if it plunges future citizens into debt, and the generation that doesn't vote wants a different policy on Snowden. Which generation do you think politicians would listen to most?

Comment: Re:Misleading (Score 2) 77

by Tim the Gecko (#49465631) Attached to: SpaceX Launch Postponed

Looks like it's been aborted for today due to the weather. The anvil cloud rule was violated. Next try is 4.10pm EDT tomorrow.

Quick question. There are four towers, each with a cylinder on top. Around the cylinder there is some kind of spiral between the bottom and top. What are these cylinders called and what do they do?

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