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Comment Re:The artificial expense of radio and tv (Score 2) 351

we can up the power and antenna significantly, and that's the end of your expenses.

Your competitors will ramp up their power, and then you will ramp yours up some more and then they will be drowned out and decide to ramp theirs up...

But it all works out well, because we can save money on radios and just listen to your station through our fillings.

Comment Re:It's the end of the world as we know it! (Score 1) 307

Yeah. Okay. And how many companies are sitting on vast blocks that are only partially tapped?

There's some interesting economics coming up. Companies will bid up the price of IPv4 blocks, but that will also make it look like a better idea to move to IPv6. Google's stats show IPv6 users have gone up from roughly 3.5% to 7% in twelve months. If you expand the graph you'll see IPv6 is higher at weekends, when people are at home, and lower on weekdays.

So the price of IPv4 will go up, but this will push companies toward IPv6 migration, and when that happens the worth of IPv4 blocks will drop significantly.

Comment Re:Substantially correct, but . . . (Score 1) 270

I assume this should be Vietnam, rather than Iran. This is from the earlier point that "the US ignored history and didn't learn the lessons of the Iraqi revolt against the British in 1920 or the events of the Vietnam War".

Certainly "Underreporting U.S. casualties, over reporting enemy losses, and obfuscating how terrible the situation on the ground was." sounds like a good summary of what was done in Vietnam.

Comment Re:Unity next (Score 3, Interesting) 494

I've been using Unity for a few years and I like it. Typically I might have several browser windows, several terminals, and other windows like WireShark open. In the older UI these would have all been accessible from the bottom bar, and there might be twenty or so tabs there. Unity changes it around so you go to the side (a good place to put things on a 16:9 monitor) and select the browser, terminal, or another icon. With the muscle memory in place it has worked very well. Alt-tab also works as you might expect. I also have Mac laptops, and it's not especially annoying to go from one UI to the other.

Comment Re:too many slashdotters (Score 1) 172

The 5280' mark is on the steps of the state capitol

Not just one... three!

"Additionally, the official elevation of Denver is measured outside the west entrance to the building, where the fifteenth step is engraved with the words "One Mile Above Sea Level." From this step, at 5,280 feet (1,609 m), the sun can be seen setting behind the Rocky Mountains. A second mile high marker was set in the 18th step in 1969 when Colorado State University students resurveyed the elevation. In 2003, a more accurate measurement was made with modern means, and the 13th step was identified as being one mile (1.6 km) high, where a 3rd marker was installed."

The colored seats at Coors Field are pretty cool too -

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