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Comment: Re:IPv6 How will it happen? (Score 3, Informative) 121

by Tim the Gecko (#47525475) Attached to: Comcast Carrying 1Tbit/s of IPv6 Internet Traffic

How do you [Slashdot users] see IPv6 transition actually happening?

Will each internet user have dual stack?

Yes. They will have a dual stack with the IPv6 address being used for a bigger and bigger proportion of traffic. Meanwhile IPv4 will probably traverse some NAT.

Once IPv4 is the minority of traffic (many years in the future), it will turn into a legacy PITA to administer separately. But that is a while away.

IPv6 is much more complex, how will companies support users who barely understand IP addressing when IPv6 is going to seem like a long string of meaningless characters?

Those 30% of Comcast customers aren't calling a helpdesk and reading out hexadecimal digits. If DNS is working they will say things like "". If DNS isn't working then they can't fix it by reading out or typing those "meaningless characters".

Do you see something like a dynamic IPv6 to IPv4 DNS/NAT translator to hide IPv6 complexity from the user a viable solution?

Not viable. It wouldn't help more than a single digit percentage of users anyway.

Comment: Re:If it's paid (Score 3, Informative) 37

by Tim the Gecko (#47235947) Attached to: FCC Looking Into Paid Peering Deals

This is the common definition:

  • Settlement free peering: Doesn't take money from you. Advertises their routes to you. Advertises your routes to their customers.
  • Paid peering: Takes money from you. Advertises their routes to you. Advertises your routes to their customers.
  • Transit: Takes money from you. Advertises the whole Internet routing table to you. Advertises your routes to their customers and peers.

You will see that there is no technical difference between settlement free and paid. It's the same router configuration. The money flow is just the end result of the poker game of which peer needs the other more.

Comment: My freezing summer (Score 2) 216

by Tim the Gecko (#46990405) Attached to: Who controls the HVAC at work?
A few summers ago I was in the cube where the air conditioning sent in the cold air. Unfortunately the cube with the temperature sensor was occupied by a guy with a space heater. As the aircon pumped in more and more cold air I ended up taking warmth breaks standing outside in the summer sun. Finally, after a long negotiation between my neighbor and the HVAC guy, sanity was restored.

Comment: Re:Many polite people (Score 1) 490

Thanks for this. Another year-round commuter here, and I get nice weather most of the time even in winter. I love your positive attitude, and it's sending me out on my Sunday morning ride in a much better mood. It will be even better if I don't see any driver looking down at his or her phone.

Comment: Re:Real geeks know statistics (Score 1) 334

by Tim the Gecko (#46501623) Attached to: Transhumanist Children's Book Argues, "Death Is Wrong"

Statistically speaking even if your body can live forever, some kind of accident will almost certainly kill you in that ten thousand year timeframe.

Wouldn't people get more risk-averse and change the probabilities? You've driven behind 70-year-old-guys. Now imagine 7000-year-old-guy is driving the car in front of you!

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