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Comment: Such a delightfully simplistic solution (Score 1) 113

by Tim Behrendsen (#1691214) Attached to: Space Station Funding Safe - For Now.

Couple things that can be said about this nonsense.

First, you do know that the US has transferred around 5 TRILLION dollars to the poor since the sixties? Clearly dumping more money into a corrupt welfare system isn't the solution.

Second, how many children actually die in the U.S. of starvation? Oh, zero? Not to say that some people couldn't live better, but the poorest person in the U.S. lives better than the average person in a lot of other countries.

The solution to poverty is 1) a growing economy, and 2) encouragement of people to get a job and support themselves (and sometimes this has to be "tough love"). Dumping more money has not been and never will be the solution.

But I'm sure screaming "more money!" impresses your friends with your "caring"."

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