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Comment: True. Example: Email (Desktop an Mobile) (Score 1) 220

by Tillmann (#34397108) Attached to: Microsoft Ups Online War, Says Google's 'Failing'


True. Example: Email. Gmail is nice. The web interface is good, but when not using it (sometimes necessary in a corporate environment), it fails.

- Desktop usage: The Google SMTP server is horribly unreliable. "Temporary failure", esp. when sending attachments, on an almost daily basis.
- Mobile usage: The Android Gmail client is mostly good, but has some peculiarities which simply prevent usage in a corporate environment:
  * You can't set the "From:" address. That works fine in the web interface, but in the Android client, your stuck to using an email address. Of course a no-go when you're sending mail from a company account
  * Detection of phone numbers in emails is very bad, to the point of being unusable. So when you get an email from your secretary, "Please call (06151) 12345-589", you simply can't simply tap on the number and call it. Even worse, since some current Android phones don't allow pasting in the Dialer, you actually have to REMEMBR the number and dial manually. WTF? Even 3-year old Nokia phones performed that task perfectly.


Comment: Re:Navigation on Nokia phones works very well (Score 1) 300

by Tillmann (#30860586) Attached to: Nokia To Make GPS Navigation Free On Smartphones


I can put the Nokia N82 in my car (regular car, not a convertible) between the front seats - not even below the windshield - and it still works. Fix is reasonably quick also. Of course a factory installed car GPS will give better accuracy, esp. in tunnels, but still the cell phone is good enough for normal usage. I have driven thousands of kilometers with the phone, sometimes under difficult conditions (e.g. through inner city Rome as a foreigner, during rush hour), and what can I say, it works.
Only point of criticism is that it's unreliable in conditions of extreme air humidity. E.g. when in the tank bag of a motorcycle in heavy rain (which is quite a bummer because when that condition occurs, you really really want to reach your destination quickly), or in the tropics during rain season; this has caused temporary failure for me several times.


Comment: Re:Already there (Score 1) 422

by Tillmann (#28637509) Attached to: Standalone GPS Receivers Going the Way of the Dodo


it's true that both Garmin and TomTom offer mobile versions, which are not as good as the standalone units. However there's an excellent alternative, Route66. Works great on recent symbian phones. The small display of the phone might be somewhat annoying sometimes, but it's no big deal.

Actually, it has happened to me this year that while driving a new BMW I was so annoyed by the user interface of the (expensive) onboard GPS that I switched it off and used my smartphone instead.


Comment: Re:I guess I should prepare for extinction then (Score 2, Interesting) 422

by Tillmann (#28637441) Attached to: Standalone GPS Receivers Going the Way of the Dodo


on the motorcycle I usually put the smartphone in the tank bag, which is waterproof. Even through this bag the display can be read alright in direct sunlight. I'm not saying it's the perfect solution, but it does the job - I've ridden hundreds of kilometers through Europe that way, and it works fine (Nokia N82 with Route66 mobile).
Certainly a dedicated motorcycle unit like the TomTom Rider or similar unit might be somewhat better, but for me it's really not worth the extra cost.

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Comment: Re:Main blocker (Score 1) 427

by Tillmann (#28400305) Attached to: State of Sound Development On Linux Not So Sorry After All


the problem is related compiz, in combination with nvidia drivers. Uninstalling compiz and (for example) metacity instead will solve the problem.

I'm pretty annoyed myself that the problem apparently STILL hasn't been solved after so many months. compiz sure isn't necessary, but it's nice to have.

All the best,

Comment: Example for XML-based protocol message (Score 1) 146

by Tillmann (#25484063) Attached to: Honda Makes Motorcycle Talk To Oncoming Cars
    <RoadAnalysis result="SpeedTooHighForComingCurve">
<RequestViaGSM ambulance="false" hearse="true"/>

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