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Comment: Re:I dunno... (Score 1) 776

by Thuktun (#42559327) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Timed Coding Tests Valuable?

I never believed the whole "95% of interviewees fail the FizzBuzz test" until I started interviewing candidates. People with 15 years of "experience" on their resume would regularly fail or give up.

This is absolutely true, and mind-boggling.

Our company has been hiring senior-level Java developers for years and I've been in on them for much of that time. Few of the applicants actually get through the [literally] sophomoric coding exercises we do. (We have the same problem with junior-level ones, too, so it's not the amount of time elapsed since school...)

Comment: Re:Repeater/router stations (Score 1) 109

by Thuktun (#41954267) Attached to: NASA DTN Protocol: How Interplanetary Internet Works

While on the subject, when are we going to establish repeater stations around the solar system so that space probes don't need massive transceivers and line-of-sight to communicate with the Earth?

IIRC, isn't that what the Mars orbiters are effectively doing for all the rover missions?

Comment: Re:Why are we wasting money on this? (Score 1) 109

by Thuktun (#41954259) Attached to: NASA DTN Protocol: How Interplanetary Internet Works

Shouldn't we spend tax dollars on stuff that is useful, such as not being beholden to our #1 creditor, China?

My, don't we sound talking-pointy.

That’s right, the biggest single holder of U.S. government debt is inside the United States and includes the Federal Reserve system and other intragovernmental holdings.

Comment: Re:B-b-but Asperger's! (Score 1) 196

by Thuktun (#41836179) Attached to: D&D Monster Study Proves Eyes Have It

There were reports in the last year or so that Asperger's folks tended to fixate on the mouth, not the eyes, during conversation.

Not sure why you just noticed that in the last year. That's been part of the diagnostic criteria for Aspergers and Autism Spectrum Disorder for a while.

This is the first thing I thought of when I read the summary, but then I and my kids all on the spectrum to varying degrees.

Comment: Re:Short answer: No. (Score 1) 767

by Thuktun (#41358839) Attached to: Can Anyone Become a Programmer?

We regularly give trivial problems (like FizzBuzz) to our applicants. Ever since we went from hiring only referrals from other developers, a large percentage of them can't even handle the trivial problems. How in heck are they supposed to be able to solve real problems with bugs in deployed production software?

Comment: Re:As soon as you have anything to take (Score 1) 293

by Thuktun (#41335641) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: When Is It a Good Idea To Incorporate?

I should add that protection from investors is not absolute. If an investor thinks that you defrauded them, they can still sue you personally.

Anybody can always sue you personally. They won't necessarily win, but will generally cost you legal fees just to address it, even if it's spurious. (I don't disagree with you, in case it's unclear. Also, IANAL.)

"The Street finds its own uses for technology." -- William Gibson