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Comment Who was Aramark's mob connected CEO during 1996 (Score 1) 133 133

Who was Aramark's mob connected CEO during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. In spite of Aramark taking out back cover ads in Time Magazine that summer there is no trace on the internet of him ever being associated with Aramark or the Olympics. That's one example of Google's mysterious delisting practices and The Way Back Machine's as well.

Comment Re:Groklaw is an example of the power of open sour (Score 1) 242 242 and the Utah AG - It is perfectly legitimate for companies to donate monies to politicians to help further their political interests. There are also instances in which elected officials have accepted large sums of money to do favors for corporations. As I will be describing in this blog post, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff sold out the integrity of his office, as the chief legal officer of the state of Utah, for a mere $5,000 campaign contribution as a favor to (NASDAQ: OSTK). Here is what happened: The Utah Attorney Generalâ(TM)s Office invited me to make a presentation at its 14th Annual White Collar Crime Conference In August 2007, the Deputy Attorney General Richard Hamp invited me to appear at the Utah Attorney Generalâ(TM)s 14th Annual White Collar Crime Conference after reading my blog and web site and watching my appearance on CNBC's Business Nation that aired in June 2007. I agreed to make my presentation for no fees and took no cost reimbursements, as has been my policy with all speaking engagements. In other words, my presentation at the white-collar crime conference did not cost the Utah Attorney Generalâ(TM)s office a single penny. About two weeks later, Richard Hamp contacted me again with an unusual request on behalf of his office. He asked me not to mention during my presentation, unless someone asked a question about the company during the presentation....

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