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+ - Verizon 4G Nationwide Outage->

Submitted by ThreePhones
ThreePhones (1878176) writes "At 7:30 PM EDT on Sunday, all data services stopped to Verizon 4G devices nationwide. Any device with LTE capability is unable to connect in 2G, 3G or 4G mode, even if a strong signal is shown on the device. In addition, it is not possible to login into the account for any such device on the Verizon Website. Verizon phone support promised a fix within 24 hours, after holding for 90 minutes to speak with them. Verizon claims that non-LTE devices are still working."
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+ - Billion Tonne Comet May Have Missed Earth By A Few-> 1

Submitted by
afree87 writes "A re-analysis of historical observations at a Mexican observatory suggests Earth narrowly avoided an extinction event just over a hundred years ago. On 12th and 13th August 1883, an astronomer at a small observatory in Zacatecas in Mexico made an extraordinary observation. This month, Hector Manterola at the National Autonomous University of Mexico suggests these were fragments of a comet. "If they had collided with Earth we would have had 3275 Tunguska events in two days, probably an extinction event.""
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+ - AT&T and Sprint see record-breaking iPhone 4S ->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The iPhone 4S stands ready to be the most successful and popular iPhone model to date. Apple noted recently that pre-orders for the device checked in at 1 million units in under 24 hours. And now that the first weekend of iPhone sales is behind us, carriers are indicating that the iPhone 4S is already a roaring success."
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Comment: The basics (Score 1) 235

by ThreePhones (#37725612) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Ergonomic Office Environment?
Get a chair in which you can sit straight upright comfortably. No springy back, no ergonomic curves that your body will never fit perfectly. Every degree of recline will take one painfree year off your career. Trust me! You want the weight of your head balanced over your spine, look straight forward, shoulders relaxed while typing/mousing. Your eyes should be aligned at 1/3 of the way down your monitor because we have more visual resolution in the lower half of our field of view. A professional keyboard/mouse/trackpad tray is best to get the right alignment. You want the keyboard almost in your lap so you can type without tensing your shoulders. I prefer one big monitor with multiple desktops and possibly a KVM if you need to work on machines that are required to have air-gaps. With 2 monitors, you are always looking to the side, which isn't good over the long-haul. Keep your active work directly in front of you with secondary things to the side. Also get a second seat of either a ball or knee stool for some variety. Set an alarm every hour to switch seats. Just getting up and moving the seats is good for you. When the second seat gets uncomfortable, switch back until the next alarm. Keep lighting off to the side instead of overhead where it causes reflections and makes you need to crank up the monitor brightness.

Comment: Get multiple IP addresses (Score 1) 346

by ThreePhones (#37364140) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: P2P Liability On a Shared Connection?
In many cases, it's there is only one physical line to a location, so having all users get their own service isn't an option. Cellular isn't a good alternative due to high costs and data caps. An ISP is a shared utility for everyone living under the same roof. Perhaps the answer is to pay extra for multiple static IP addresses so that all the roommate's usage is logged to his own IP address, but I don't know if that will save you in court.

Comment: "Up to date" already broken (Score 2) 683

by ThreePhones (#37101668) Attached to: Mozilla To Remove User-Facing Firefox Version Numbers
I have a dozen installations that report "Firefox 5.0 is up to date" and another dozen that report "Firefox 5.0.1" is up to date, all at the same bloody time! The only way to get a 5.0 installation to report 5.0.1 is to download the latest full installer from Mozilla. So, do I really need to go update my 5.0 machines manually or are they somehow internally running all the 5.0.1 patches and still reporting 5.0? Maybe they are getting an old status page from my proxy server. I finally decided it was faster to to just reinstall than troubleshoot the mess. I get through that and already 6.0 is here. At least I still know that they are planning to screw me with a new version tomorrow. Given such a screwed up versioning/update system, they now want to drop version numbers entirely. WTF!

Comment: Not for cars (Score 1) 104

by ThreePhones (#36702894) Attached to: Novel Drive Wheel System Based On Spinning Sphere
Another cool drive mechanism coming soon to your local robotics competition, alongside dozens of other ways I would never have dreamed to make a robot haul across the competition floor. You definitely won't be seeing on it a car because it's too inefficient, wears quickly and can't handle rough roads.

Comment: Re:Actual info perhaps? (Score 1) 105

by ThreePhones (#35146774) Attached to: Spinach Could Be Used For Hydrogen Fuel
You're right, they haven't produced hydrogen yet. They make it sound like that step is a piece of cake: "These systems would consist of high surface area, light-collecting panes that use the proteins combined with a catalyst such as platinum to convert the sunlight into hydrogen". I doubt that it's that easy or they would have already done it. Nevertheless, it sounds like a promising area of study, which is of course the whole reason for the press release: Get more money!

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