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Comment: Re:Is it? (Score 0) 388

by ThreeE (#43364079) Attached to: Bitcoin Exchange Mt.Gox Suffers Serious Attack, Instawallet Offline

...who hired the majority of math PhDs for several years just to look for market exploits.

The investment banks hire math PhDs to look for arbitrage opportunities and serve the valuable service of price discovery. There is no need to load this activity up with the negative connotation of "exploits."

Comment: Re:Bad System Design (Score 0) 422

by ThreeE (#33114370) Attached to: Is <em>StarCraft II</em> Killing Graphics Cards?

"Gamers have no idea what they're doing when they put a machine together right?"

Pretty much. If you are water cooling your desktop then you are a perfect example.

"I can buy my setup 3 times over for the price of the Mac equivalent, right?"

At least you realize you will be buying 3 systems over the life of a Mac to be equivalent.

"..and replace my hardware if it fails."

It will.

"Oh wait, you can't."

Oh wait, I can.

"If a computer can't directly address all the RAM you can use, it's just a toy." -- anonymous comp.sys.amiga posting, non-sequitir