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Comment: Unintended Consequences (Score 2) 342

by ThomasLB (#39970233) Attached to: Wear a Mask During a Protest In Canada: 10 Years In Jail

One of the problems with the "three strikes" laws is that a person already facing life without parole has little to lose by killing the policeman they send to arrest him.

This veers into the same territory. A person already facing ten years has little to lose by setting a fire or two or lobbing a rock through a window, and has a strong incentive to resist arrest.

Comment: Either/Or (Score 2) 408

by ThomasLB (#39967645) Attached to: Positive Bias Could Erode Public Trust In Science

I think the real problem is the "all or nothing" approach the public tends to take.

"I found a study on climate change that is mistaken; therefor, every study on climate change is mistaken!" "I found a minor tenant of Darwinian Theory that has been modified; therefor, every theory of evolution must be a lie!"

Science has always been contentious. It's really hard to admit we're wrong.

Comment: Setting Precedent (Score 1) 409

by ThomasLB (#38687162) Attached to: US Government Seeks Extradition of UK Student For File-Sharing

A lot of people purposely violated Thailands lèse majesté laws on the internet because they thought it was funny. We'll see if they're still laughing while they're on their way to Bangkok in shackles. Anyone who ever posted a less-than-modest photo will soon find themselves on the way to Iran.

If it's illegal anywhere, not it's illegal everywhere.

Comment: Re:Copyright infringement, too (Score 1) 283

First they came for the newsgroups,
- but I did not use newsgroups, so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the chatrooms and bulletin boards,
- but I used neither, so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the P2P users,
- but I did use P2P, so I did not speak out.
And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.

"Mr. Watson, come here, I want you." -- Alexander Graham Bell