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Comment: This isn't the soviet union..... (Score 1) 370

by ThisIsNotMyHandel (#39930623) Attached to: Dealing With the Eventual Collapse of Social Networks
"The second is to reform the corporate structure of larger companies to include some directors elected by consumers, rather than just shareholders. Not all the directors, like in the Cooperative Group, and not even a majority, but just a small portion of the board — say one third." This isn't the soviet union. These entities exist for one reason, to make money.

Comment: Bing is grrreat! if you want...... (Score 2, Interesting) 405

by ThisIsNotMyHandel (#39313039) Attached to: Bing Now Nearly As Good As Google — Says Microsoft
Bing is grrreat! for 99% of my searches. The only thing lacking in Bing is that if you search for something technical - like looking for a programming answer on a message board. Google is far better at providing message board results and therefore usually better for 'technical' questions.

Comment: Probably Right.... (Score 0) 1276

I agree/disagree. When you look at America (yes, a representative republic) we are into a couple of 'entitlement' generations. Sadly this has lead to 50% of Americans not paying federal income tax. The 'takers' are starting to outnumber the 'makers' and along with that people will choose to take what isn't their because they feel entitled to it. It is actually quite funny because these are usually the ones who preach 'equality' but then favor policies that treat citizens unequal, such as a millionaire tax. These people do this because they feel entitled to that persons personal property. It is pretty sickening. Democracy doesn't work because you can always vote to take someones private property.

Comment: Time For A Class Action Lawsuit (Score 0) 355

Time for a class action lawsuit against HP, ect. I am paying for the ink. If I send a job to the printer I expect to use the ink for that job, not extra stuff that HP doesn't inform me about. Either pay for my ink to do this or remove the "feature".

Comment: Terrible (Score 0) 107

Terrible decision. Network neutrality (or lack there of) is a technical decision. Don't need people who don't understand the technical details and the impact of such a policy make those decisions. This is nothing more than lobbying and politics being played with the SEC which is a body that should remain politic free.

Comment: Just What We Need.... (Score 0) 572

by ThisIsNotMyHandel (#39045505) Attached to: Female Passengers Say They Were Targeted For TSA Body Scanners
Just what we need, more government to deal with too much government. How about TSA agents who are working in the back room are not allowed to have cell phones and have that law punishable by automatic termination and 90 days in jail. That would solve the possible problem of cell phone cameras overnight.

Comment: Private Companies Making Money At Taxpayer Expense (Score 0) 351

by ThisIsNotMyHandel (#39023965) Attached to: Obama Budget Asks For 1% Boost In Research
So the federal government will subsidize the research costs of private organizations who will reap all of the profit (of commercially viable technology) while taking all of the risk while on the other side, the taxpayer will continue to subsidize politicians pet projects (Solyndra) of technology that has no commercial value. Great deal for corporations, bad deal for the consumer.

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