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+ - Best Practices for City IT Peformance Measurement

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ThisIsForReal writes: "I am interning for a large municipal IT department. My degree is in government administration, so although I've read Slashdot for many years, I'm not truly a tech junkie with the expertise many of its readers have. Recently, the city began a performance management initiative, which tracks data related to the performance of every department. It's a version of CityStat as seen on HBO's the Wire. We are in the process of figuring out what data the IT department should report to communicate what they do and how well they're doing it. I am wondering if any Slashdot readers work in municipal IT departments that have good system of measuring IT development. What targets, outputs, outcomes, industry standards, or other systems do you use to report back to the mayor's office? Are there measures to illustrate the ROI for a city's IT system? Are there any city's that do this particularly well, or alternatively, do it really poorly?"

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