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Comment There is always a tradeoff (Score 4, Insightful) 848

With Apple, you get a walled garden where Apple controls what apps are allowed. The apps are high quality but developer control is lost. With Android, it's the "wild wild west" where anything you want to create can get sold. And it shows. I see the new apps each day for Android and most of it is pure trash. Honestly, how many bikini apps need to get released each day? The upshot here is that anyone can create anything and sell it for Android. There is always a tradeoff.

Comment Is this what happened to the Star Wars Emperor!? (Score 1) 127

Last time we heard of the Star Wars Emperor, he was thrown into a giant pit int the death star. Evidently he lived through that and runs application development at Twitter. Everyone was recently complaining about the dickbar? How about the dickedapp? Since Tweetie sold out, the app completely and totally sucks. If Twitter thinks they are going to force me to use that steaming pile, I will just leave Twitter. Twitter, quit the Evil Empire crap. Run the service and stfu!

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