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Comment Thin Client - Enhanced Write Filtering (Score 1) 572 572

Get a thin client such as an HP t610 and use Enhanced Write Filtering to protect from any changes.

You can set a system baseline and lock it down with EWF. Once locked down, any file calls from the operating system or software are intercepted and redirected to RAM. No changes are made to non-volatile memory. Once powered down, the system expunges all changes and reverts to the baseline you set.

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Submission + - Trademark History in the Age of Wikipedia?-> 2 2

The_Pey writes: "Recently, an application was pulled from the Apple App Store because of its name. The game in question, Edge, reportedly infringes on the the trademark rights of Tim Langdell to the name Edge. The unfortunate aspect to this whole affair is that Tim is broadly enforcing rights to the name, whether or not he has actually created a game entitled Edge. Much of the history of the trademark ownership is being reported in Tim's wikipedia entry by a user "cheridavis" who bears a lot of similarity namewise to Tim's wife, Cheri Davis Langdell.

Interestingly, Tim was also the source of the reason the game Soul Edge changed its name to what we now know as Soul Caliber.

Can a person really own the trademark for the name of a game, using a four letter word broadly applied across several industries without the owner actually having published a title in the industry?"

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