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by TheTerseOne (#46695171) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

So I guess we agree on the fact that there are atheist zealots.

But we disagree on whether or not atheism is a faith.

I can go with that.

So my original comment was: "False. Every "faith" will eventually have it's zealots. Even if that "faith" is atheism."

And if I change that to: "False. Every set of beliefs (or "everything" or "anything" will eventually have it's zealots. Even if that set of beliefs is athiesm." You'd agree?

Comment: And the next big scam... (Score 2) 48

To me this sounds like some guys thinking "Hey - that Mt. Gox Guy set up an exchange and almost got away with bajillions. I bet we can do the same thing without his mistakes..."

Or - they are dumb enough to want to become a Big Fish in a Small Pond with Poisoned Waters.

(I'm sure there's some Poison/Poisson joke in there somewhere)

+ - Connecting to unsecured Bluetooth car systems to monitor traffic flow.

Submitted by TheTerseOne
TheTerseOne (2447418) writes "The Columbian, the local newspaper of Vancouver (not BC), Washington (not DC) is reporting that local country traffic officials plan on spending $540k of government money to monitor traffic by connecting to vehicles whose owners/drivers have left their Bluetooth car systems 'discoverable.' The county claims that, although this sounds "creepy" and "like big brother" there is no cause for concern. The specific brand of the system is not mentioned, but similar systems have already been the subject of security alerts."

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by TheTerseOne (#45161465) Attached to: <em>Myst</em> Creators Announce <em>Obduction</em>

I loved Myst and I loved Riven.

I'm in, too. I loved Myst. But I never could love Riven. IIRC it was 5 CDs. The first time I tried to play it I kept clicking something wrong and then riding the stupid rail from one CD to another and then back over and over. I felt more like a DJ than a gamer and finally gave up.

Comment: Re:It's called Solitaire (Score 1) 103

by TheTerseOne (#45161411) Attached to: <em>Myst</em> Creators Announce <em>Obduction</em>

possibly because neither Google nor walk-throughs existed back then.

Google I'll give you - but walkthroughs existed long before Myst. I remember trying to solve the Infocom "Hitchhikers Guide" game with a friend at work during a slow month (loved getting paid for that) and we got stuck. We tried kicking the door, picking the lock, opening the door using everything we could on the door, all to no avail. We went down to the "Computerland" store and asked them if they knew what to do. They pulled out a 5.25" floppy disk, put it in one of their IBM PCs and printed a complete walkthrough on an Epson MX-80 for us.

Who would have thought we should KNOCK on the door.

That was 1989 I think.

"Never ascribe to malice that which is caused by greed and ignorance." -- Cal Keegan