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Comment A Game Design Perspective... (Score 1) 100

I wrote a brief post examing the game design challenges of such subject matter, if anyone's interested:

http://www.steveswink.com/posts/a-shakespearian-mm o/

"He seems to be thinking - granted, at this early stage - of simply shoehorning Shakespeare into World of Warcraft, using it as a powerup. The question they should be asking themselves is 'what do we want people to learn?' and, most particularly, 'how?' Judging by the statement "We'd like to allow our players to learn something valuable, so that's why it's about Shakespeare", I'd say the underlying goal is, in addition to the 'social science Petri dish' concept he's espousing, to teach random internet people about Shakespeare. So, what do you want to teach them? I'm assuming, because Castronova is a college professor, that he's interested in teaching Shakespeare in the academic sense, which is to say first and foremost simply understanding what's happening (parsing Elizabethan English.) From there, appreciating Shakespeare's genius would be nice, understanding narrative structure and so on. Then, it's always interesting to understand the context in which Shakespeare's plays existed, the world they came from, and to examine why they, of all works (being very much the pop culture of 17th century England) have endured over five centuries of scrutiny and continue to be held in the highest regard today."

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