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Comment: Re:and you better stop using Kodi Pirate feeds too (Score 1) 81 81

I guess you don't like in a place where they have:
1. Switched Digital Video
2. DRM EVERY show and lock it to the PC into which it was recorded

I personally LOVE my Media Center based PC using a Centon 4 channel Tuner with a Cable Card that I have used for about 6 or so years now but would LOVE to be able to use something else if it would work with my Tuner and Cable card setup. But there is NOT.

Comment: This is as ignorant as they come. (Score 4, Informative) 164 164

So only multirotors are in the sights. What about Fixed Wing [airplanes/jets/etc], they can do pretty much the exact same thing as Multirotors [I REFUSE to call MRs Drones as drone kill people, no multirotor has so far killed anyone!] And what about Helicopters. Again can do the same as pretty much any Multirotor except they HAVE killed people and yet no mention of them.

The problem is not the technology, it's the idiots who go buy a DJI with 0 idea of what they are doing and lose control and fly in places they should not.

The media then plays on the fears of the average joe who doesn't know the difference between a "Drone" after seeing images like this
preditor drone and this Multirotor

I build multirotors for people all the time, I fly them all the time, and I have yet to hurt anyone or anything other than the multirotor itself.

Comment: Re:What can *we* do? Serious! (Score 1) 145 145

What democracy? In a democracy, you have a say. Here, you weren't even supposed to know about it for a minimum of 5 years after it took effect. Secret laws and all that.

We in the US have NEVER been a democracy.

We are a republic.

Remember in school when we had to say the Pledge of Allegiance?

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands"

Comment: Re:No media center? Windows 10 is DEAD to me... (Score 2) 468 468

Does it record from my Ceton HD quad tuner with cable card? [and yes all of our channels are drm/encrypted]
Does its TV Guide no longer suck?

When it can do those 2 simple things 1/2 as well as MediaCenter then maybe I'd consider using XMBC again, but until then MediaCenter is my go to software running on my media center machine.

Comment: By far my favorite MS software (Score 2) 198 198

The first replacement that comes out that works 1/10th as well as my media center will get my money. So far nothing works with my cable card because 100% of the channels are drm'd and the need for a tuning adapter to all the channels that I don't really watch anyway.

There are some things in MCE that just flat out rock as well, the excellent guide, ease of recording, just everything. [Well except for the time it forgets to record your favorite show for no apparent reason]

So it looks like I'm going to keep it running 7 until something changes and peeps are allowed to connect to the cable card with little to no hindrance.

Comment: Re:Then I guess you could say... (Score 1) 222 222

The feeling of knowing what you're seeing or hearing is fake is indescribable.

Odd I seem to remember, in my youth, that acid was pretty much that to a T and I can describe it as pretty awesome.
That said I KNEW why it was happening and I am sure that is much different that having it happen for no good reason :(

Comment: Re:News for Nerds? (Score 1) 67 67

Is it just me or does it seem like this could have been done a half century ago?

Non-MEMS Microphone -> Op Amp -> PID controller -> Buzzer

I actually don't understand what benefit is gleaned from using a MEMS microphone instead of an ordinary condenser one.

Size and price?

Comment: Re:I do not understand (Score 4, Informative) 53 53

If someone wants me to type in my account and then my password I won't

I really won't

Common sense tells me that no one has any right to demand me to type in my account name/number and then my password

That is why I do not understand why there _are_ people who are simply void of any common sense

Ain't there enough stories of scams already? Why can't those people learn _anything_ from the mistakes of others?

Except in this case it does not. It asks for your name and email. Nowhere does it say anything about a password.

Comment: Re:RAID? (Score 3, Informative) 256 256

Doesn't creating a striped RAID make up most of the performance issues from using a HDD over a SSD? At that point, it's more the bus or CPU that's a limiting factor?

No. My raid0 and Raid5 setups don't even come CLOSE to comparing to my SSDs. I've been running 2 SSD Raid0 and OMG the speed diff is absolutly crazy. Yes when one does all data is toast and they DO die. I was dumb and bought 3 OCZ drives and all 3 have died at least once in the last 1.5 years but the replacements have held up pretty well. I totally expect to lose one at any time so I have really good backups of my C: Drive :) everything else goes on my spinny platters.

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