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Comment: Duh, the me fix that for you. (Score 1) 297

by TheRealLifeboy (#49019267) Attached to: Mississippi - the Nation's Leader In Vaccination Rates

"We have been a victim of our success, and people don't realize how bad these diseases are," said Mississippi state epidemiologist, Dr. Thomas E. Dobbs III,

"We have been a victim of our success, and people don't realize how bad these diseases are for the pockets of the pharma gaints. Lifelong immunity against measles could kill our business!" said Mississippi state epidemiologist, Dr. Thomas E. Dobbs III,

There, FTFY.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 297

Not really. Some very good scientists see through the shallowness of the warmists hype and histeria and have beem pointing it out for a long time. Seems the Judge doesn't know that the criticism it valid either. Then Phil Plait comes along with a gem like this (from the article):

“This attack on the reputations of scientists is nefarious; reputation is extremely important when it comes to a scientist’s career,” Plait wrote. “Getting grants, invitations to talks, even being taken seriously, all can rest on the respect they get by other scientists and the public.”

Maybe he should consider accuracy, not "adjusting" data to suit the CAGW agenda, transparency and a few other good scientific traits which will fix the reputation thingie almost all by itself!

Comment: Homeschooling beat anything for early education (Score 1) 700

by TheRealLifeboy (#48991893) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Pros and Cons of Homeschooling?
The matter is really simple. Children learn better when they want to than when they are forced to. Therefor homeschooling is the most sensible option for young children. You can always have the best tutor available when your child gets to 12 or 13 or even at a later stage. But you can never undo the lack of identity or character destruction that was imparted by public schooling and, what basically boils down to, parental neglect of a young child who totally believes in his parents and will develop optimally if allowed to in the the nurturing and lovling environment your wife will give.

Comment: O for crying our loud! (Score 1) 673

by TheRealLifeboy (#48899137) Attached to: Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?

What's this wailing again about measles again?? It is much better to get measles once and be immune for life than to be innoculated many times and risk the change of being poisoned by some nefarious substance in the vaccine!

I had measles as a child and have no fear whatsoever of the little disease. People are so dumb and uneducated these days. John Taylor Gatto is now proven correct more than ever.

Comment: Re:Serves him right (Score 1) 110

by TheRealLifeboy (#48897415) Attached to: Barrett Brown, Formerly of Anonymous, Sentenced To 63 Months

Seriously, this case reveals much more about the brain-dead US legal system, the overreach by Federal authorities and the abuse of legal powers than it does anything else. There is no way that any sane person can justify 5 years in jail for linking to a stolen source in a forum.

The pathetic bunch that ran Stratfor lost it and someone needed to take the fall for it. If it was a mom and pop shop that couldn't have known better that was "burgled", it would have been a different story, but these guys were supposedly the security experts and were asking to be hacked by their behaviour.

However, Brown didn't hack them, he just reported?? This is like a bulldog that can't get to the postman, so he bites the fence out of frustration. Really really stupid.

Comment: Re:Do you really buy your own BS? (Score 1) 360

by TheRealLifeboy (#48839975) Attached to: NASA, NOAA: 2014 Was the Warmest Year In the Modern Record

I think you sorely overestimate the impact a few degrees can have on global climate

Thought I'd FTFY.

If you'd take the trouble to actually study the materials spewed forth my the IPCC and it's goons (people like Michael E. Mann, et al you know, the faux nobel laureates) and also read what the critics have to say, you'd soon see through the scam very clearly.

This is how good a little warming is:

And how was was it fairly recently? A few centuries ago:

This is not hard. It only becomes hard if you have an agenda and try to make the data fit your agenda.

Comment: Re:Someone please aware me: (Score 1) 303

Strictly, this is recording only the fact of a conversation, rather than the content. It's "envelope information".

And you believe that? I suppose you also believe that your communication with Santa Claus is safe and unintercepted. Now, we know the Tooth Fairy is immune to interception, but not the other fairy tale creatures...

To believe that shadowy US government organisations that do things that are mostly invisible to the general public will stop at only looking at the mail envelope, rather than skimming the contents as well, is so crazy that I'd bet on meeting the Snowman in person as more likely.

Comment: Re: Dupe (Score 2) 840

A great number of devices (toasters, irons, kettles, blenders, etc are designed to break and not be fixable. Being a boomer, I hate this. I don't want to create landfill by disposing my old appliances and I'd rather attempt to fix them or have them fixed. However, they use convoluted screws, flimsy clips that break on disassembly and parts (like an LG washing machine we had) that cannot be be opened (the gearbox / clutch unit) and although you can buy a replacement, it costs more than a new machine.

So I've found a way around this. Before I buy anything these days, I make sure that it can be repaired even when out of warranty and that there's a local repair-shop or service agent close by. Surprise! The devices that fall into this category don't cost more, all one has to do is be more selective. I don't even look at AIM, Safeway, Premier and similar brands anymore. Even many Philips devices also fall into the "don't buy - cannot be repaired" category.

It's a choice to say no to the bastard companies that sell junk designed to break soon after the guarantee expires. If we all did that, it would be a better world. Wishful thinking... sigh.

Comment: Re:But but but (Score 1) 330

by TheRealLifeboy (#48628203) Attached to: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought

[data needed].

second thought, maybe I can do this. the greater los angeles area is maybe 60 miles tall and 120 miles wide. 7200 square miles * 3 inches of rain = 0.35 cubic miles of water. that doesn't seem like much.

which is 385bn Gallons, so only 29 showers like that and the drought is all over...

Comment: Re:Toronto Municipal Gov't divided (Score 1) 169

by TheRealLifeboy (#48432255) Attached to: City of Toronto Files Court Injunction Against Uber

Have you read through your auto insurance policy?


I'm not a fan of regulatory capture (see my previous posts in this thread) but let us at least be balanced enough to acknowledge that there are legitimate concerns about Uber that need to be addressed by someone.

Well, then let Uber or whoever make a deal with insurers to fix this! This is not government's business. Unless you're a communist, if which case you would think it is...

Comment: Re:Toronto Municipal Gov't divided (Score 1) 169

by TheRealLifeboy (#48432243) Attached to: City of Toronto Files Court Injunction Against Uber
O, for crying out load! Why do types like you insist on regulation people's choices? If I want to use Uber, then I and the driver should be able to negotiate a deal. If I don't want to go with the dude when he arrives, then I say no. If I like him and his car, I go. The government, city or anyone else has nothing to say or to do with this. As long as the driver is sober and has proven he can drive (has a license), then stop meddling! It due do all this "we'll think for you" mentality that people are becoming dumber and dumber!

"An entire fraternity of strapping Wall-Street-bound youth. Hell - this is going to be a blood bath!" -- Post Bros. Comics