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Comment HTC Devices (Score 0) 29

I'm more interested in Sprint's EVO. Assuming the pricepoint is right that is. It's a real step towards video conferencing as a common form of communication. Plus the 8.1 Megapix camera that can record up to 720P and has HDMI out means I can lighten my load by about 3 devices...

Comment The Sky isn't faling. (Score 1, Insightful) 362

Before you go calling me a troll, just hear me out, this isn't that big of a deal. It doesnt redirect you to another 3rd party site owned by the NSA, it simply provides a web GUI that suggest sites on what the system thought you wanted to see. You dont have to go any sites you dont want to. The sky isnt falling.

Comment Hype (Score 2, Interesting) 208

Please don't get me wrong, this will make a nice addition to a toolbox. However, the hype I have seen tied to this tool is overwhelming. It seems like conferences have become more reliant on over-hyping items like these to promote the conference name more than anything else.

Comment Rehashed 1942? (Score 1) 54

I loved 1942,couldnt get enough of it. Then Vietnam came out.... played it for about 3 hours total... Never touched either since... But from what I do remember of 1942 some of the clips from 1943 looks like they are rehashing the same damn maps... Did I miss something? Is 1943 just a remake?

Comment Feed the think tank (Score 0, Troll) 532

I know Slashdotters didn't write this ridiculous story, but even posting it is a joke. Its like posting a story that Harley has a key in the big-3s downfall. I'm so tired of slashdot's support of buzzwords articles and think tank mentality... MS evil, any other piece of crap is automatically good... Vista bad, Win 7 good.... this site has become a flippin joke... I still laugh about the article posted a few months back which claimed Usenet is a dead technology.

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