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Comment Not quite right (Score 2) 205

If you upgrade from one norton product to different product, say like going from norton antivirus to norton Internet security, when you renew you lose the remaining subscription. If you upgrade or renew to the latest version of the same product, like going from norton antivirus 2009 to norton antivirus 2010, you loose nothing. If you renew your existing product you loose nothing.

Comment Basic Stamp board of Education or BoeBot kit (Score 1) 799

Look at one of the basic stamp board of education kits or a BoeBot kit. The manuals that come with the kits are really well written and teach not only introduction to programming but also a bit of electronics. It's one thing to teach a kid how to write a program to move a dot on the screen but watch what happens when you teach them how to write a program to move a robot around.

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