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Comment: Re:Politics? (Score 1) 106

by ThePackager (#49134133) Attached to: Argonne National Laboratory Shuts Down Online Ask a Scientist Program
Perhaps the recent Congress shift to the wrong (since they're a federally funded organization) has been dabbling in the "We don't want this kind of scientific stuff going on on in OUR country, Kids will start believing that all oil all the time isn't sustainable oh my! And that Jesus riding a dinosaur isn't the way our " made it in a week universe" works.

Comment: Re:Why don't they know? (Score 0) 87

by ThePackager (#48975643) Attached to: Novel Fluorinated Compounds Discovered In Firefighters' Blood
What y'all are missing is the suppliers know exactly what the fluorocarbons are when formulating, what the unkown is, that is exhautive to test for, is that in a fire, all sorts of other compounds may be present, and ...they're on fire! Hence, lots of transformation may take place that are redonculously difficult to predict. Get over it. Most of the compounds get flushed out if the firefighters drink enough beer.

Comment: Re:Not hacking this term is thrown so loosely (Score 1) 378

So we need a new term that refers to the, non-malicious sensible demonstration of system vulnerabilities. Hacking is a violent term and dredges up connotations of evil, or at least intense coughing. How about 'Slacking' - 'Door Pointing' - or 'Hewlett-Turoning' (give the kids some fame!)

Comment: Don't accept bogus data, the temperature is rising (Score 1) 466

by ThePackager (#43210003) Attached to: Why Earth Hour Is a Waste of Time and Energy
Take your politically colored blinders off, Rose produced nothing but propaganda for the anti-science movement. His "official" graph is a fabrication, (see and and Rose cites no authorities. Referring back to the main thread - the hour of 'lights out' would be much better spent if everyone sought out ways and actually acted on them consistently to reduce their energy demand. Like cleaning out and turning off that 2nd refrigerator - turning the heat down, unplugging your device charges when you aren't using them, just use less energy, or we're all screwed. Especially future generations.

Comment: We live in a radioactively contaminated world (Score 1) 615

The United States conducted around 1,054 nuclear tests The Soviet Union conducted 715 nuclear tests The United Kingdom has conducted 45 tests France conducted 210 nuclear tests The People's Republic of China conducted 45 tests The official number of Indian nuclear tests is 6 Pakistan conducted 6 official tests, and around 24 nuclear cold tests There may have been several other alleged tests. The increase in background radiation due to these tests peaked in 1963 at about 0.15 mSv per year worldwide, or about 7% of average background dose from all sources.

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