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Comment: Wrong (Score 0) 237

by TheNormal (#27555629) Attached to: Microsoft's Price Fixing Penalty, 9M Euros
Europe is doing to our companies what the US is doing to our companies: spreading the wealth around/robbing them. Call it whatever you like. Now, I don't use Microsoft products. I think their business and development models are suited to a by-gone age (I am mostly alone in thinking that way), and need an BIG update. But I know they provide a lot of technologies to companies and integrated business solutions on a comprehensive scale that no other company in the world is capable of rivaling. They can be sued and fined for anti-trust violations, but it's hard to justify that when there are no existing competitors. What I mean by that is that no one sees business quite the way Bill Gates sees it. Same with Steve Jobs. Bill Gate's vision is entirely unique and effective. Take it from a guy who's starting a business of his own (very small): the business world has lots of good people who enjoy competition, and even get concerned when their competition doesn't do well. The business executive can be the most generous and humble person in the world. I can provide many examples, not the least of which is The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They don't like being slapped around by governments. It isn't that governments don't know what they're doing, it's that they don't care. Governments have two things in mind: agenda and votes, and they're willing to throw any businessperson to the dogs to get either. And BTW: 9M Euros is a lot, even to Microsoft. I just can't bring myself to believe this fine is just.

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