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+ - Teched 2007: Windows Server 2008 Kernel Changes

Submitted by TheNetAvenger
TheNetAvenger (624455) writes "Mark Russinovich gave a session about the kernel changes in Windows Server 2008 at Teched 2007. As earlier announced at WinHEC, Windows Server 2008 will be the last 32-bit version of the server operating system. However, Mark commented that there will be at least one more 32-bit version of the client operating system, after Vista. 07_windows_server_200

More information on the specific kernel changes can be found here: en.mspx"

+ - Gates - Not a fan of DRM

Submitted by TheNetAvenger
TheNetAvenger (624455) writes "Even though MS has provided DRM mechanisms for Windows Media, as many have stated before, it is out of necessity for the content providers and not something MS or even Gates himself sees as a good thing according comments he made in a recent blog roundtable.

Even Microsoft founder Bill Gates finds it easier to "just buy a CD and rip it" than grapple with the copyright protection used by online music stores.
Gates went on to say Digital Rights Management "causes too much pain for legitimate buyers" trying to distinguish between legal and illegal uses. He declined to elaborate on how Microsoft would address this.

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