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Comment Re:Eventually... But not yet (Score 1) 406

This is mostly a legacy reason, because many places have VGA cables hardwired to wherever the projector is. It is more a statement with how long it has been a standard rather than if it is truly necessary anymore. Eventually, there will be movement away from that.

As for wireless being the next standard, I think we are a ways from having that. Hell, most of our networks are still wired, and probably will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Comment Re:I'm fine with this... (Score 1) 89

This system from T-Mobile has a different incentive structure behind it though based on what I heard. Netflix and Hulu are NOT paying T-Mobile, they are just cooperating to make sure their data is not counted against T-Mobile's customer's data usage caps, which increases the value of all three companies services. T-Mobile has an incentive to offer this deal to any web-service that is well known and desirable enough to their end-users that offering access without a data cap improves the apparent value of T-Mobiles service.

And therein lies the rub. T-Mobile decides which services qualify exemption from data caps, which violates the principles of net neutrality. For example, if I have a server set up somewhere to stream video for my own personal use, would that be exempt from data caps? Unlikely, because who the hell am I? Yes, I can also see a future where an up-and-coming service might not qualify. All traffic should be treated equally by the ISP. If T-Mobile thinks it can handle the additional traffic, they should raise data caps. BTW, I am a T-Mobile customer.

Comment My equipment (Score 1) 169

For music, I use a SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip with Rockbox installed. I've used SanDisk players for years, and they are great for running. It has the advantage of being small, long battery life, good storage (8GB, but with a micro SD card slot for a lot more music) and cheap.

For marathons, I recommend a watch to help keep your pace and to keep track of your progress. The Timex Ironman watches are pretty solid. I haven't felt the need to have additional features than what it offers.

Not a big fan of carrying phones with me, since they are bulky. I'd rather have as little on me as possible when running.

Comment Re:Missing the point (Score 1) 130

While I'd agree with you that having a CS degree isn't required for many jobs in IT, there are plenty of companies who are stuck on requiring a BS or BA degree of some sort to even consider you. So, not having that will limit you somewhat.

I also know having a CS degree alone won't get you jack. You will need some skills beyond the degree to get a job. Then again, the point of a CS degree isn't to train you for a job in the IT field, but to give you the foundation and understanding about how things work with computers, OSs and algorithms, which can help give you a greater understanding on how things work and make learning some concepts easier.

I'd never demean someone for not having a CS degree, since I've known many talented and skilled people without one. That being said, I also know the value of what you learn with a CS degree, and I know that it is more than just a sheet of paper.

Comment Re:bringing in more H1Bs will solve this problem (Score 1) 250

That's an age-old fallacy? A CS degree isn't supposed to train you in specific languages. It is about understanding concepts that you can apply to any language. It is up to the individual to apply those concepts in learning new languages.

The real problem is when an employer doesn't see language X on your resume. It doesn't matter that I have 20 years of experience and have picked up multiple languages as needed for a job, it puts you behind the 8 ball. It is sometimes tough to convince people you can still do the job.

Comment Speaking for a friend of mine in the industry (Score 1) 189

First off, if he has a job offer in hand from the first company, then he should take it no matter what his ultimate desire. Once you have a job, it is easier to start looking for the perfect job.

I have a friend of mine who desire has been to work in the game industry. First he worked at a board game company and now he works for a high profile video game company. From what I know about what he's doing, he's not making as much money as he'd like and he's not doing ideally what he'd like to be doing. Also the commute is long and the hours are long. At the same time, he really enjoys what he does, which is ultimately what is important.

I think, tho, the key to him is that a lot of what he does is built on what has come before in his previous work experience. I have a feeling those who come straight out of school wouldn't have as good of a time with someone who has gotten some experience in the field in general. It is good to get a feel of how projects are run in the real world and figure out for yourself what works and what doesn't. That kind of experience will help you anywhere. Build up some experience heading in that direction, then peruse your dream.

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