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Comment Re:Google bans the english terms also (Score 1) 99

Wow, that "Search anyways" button is REALLY hard to find, I can see how hard that must be for you. The issue is that if you run that search from inside China, your access to Google gets blocked for around a minute. To try to help explain why to users, they pop that message up.

Comment Re:Should have security by default (Score 1) 277

I have a handful of devices that only support WEP, so any router I buy needs to support it. I've created a second VAP for these that doesn't have access to my local network, and use MAC filtering, it's about my best option for them. They aren't on too often, so the chance that someone would catch one of their MACs while connected is fairly slim.

Comment Re:Original packaging? (Score 1) 201

If I had to guess, they stick the movie in a drive, it fingerprints it (similar to CDDB or something), and then unlocks that movie in your Vudu/Ultraviolet account. It's not that hard to have the system check to see if it's on recordable media or not as well, which would skip over burned copies and most bootlegs.

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