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Comment: Re:Openbox (Score 1) 611

by TheCycoONE (#47127773) Attached to: Which desktop environment do you like the best?

Um ... properly initializing your session is the responsibility of the display/login manager not the desktop environment.

When I used SLiM I got around those errors with ConsoleKit in my .xinitd. These days I just use lightdm (ConsoleKit is dead, but Google will probably tell you the alternative if you really don't want to use a display manager).

Comment: Re:Dumber and dumber (Score 1) 233

by TheCycoONE (#45089999) Attached to: Ford Showcases Self-Parking Car Technology

My dad installed aftermarket cruise control for the first time because a drive that should have taken 5 hours took 3. It just use to be hard to maintain speed for a long time: some people always followed others, some people checked the speedometer all the time, some people drifted faster or slower, and maybe a tiny number actually managed to keep a more or less constant speed; but it certainly wasn't some skill that everyone use to have and now no one has. It was invented to overcome a shortcoming.

Comment: Re:I hope QT remains cleanly separate (Score 1) 68

by TheCycoONE (#44950347) Attached to: Frameworks 5: KDE Libraries Reworked Into Portable Qt Modules

In the past features have migrated from KDE once they've gone beyond proof of concept and shown themselves to be more generally useful. I imagine that trend can/will continue. Having both so modular will probably make migrating components from KDE to QT even easier.

Comment: Re:Statistical fallicies (Score 1) 351

Citation please?

I could certainly believe this is the case with natural gas, which is as the name implies naturally occurring comes out during extraction, and is still a very cheap form of energy.

Gasoline on the other hand has to be distilled from crude, a process which I believe really only serve the purpose of producing gasoline. Gasoline is expensive, relatively easy to transport, and easy to burn, so I have a hard time believing they ever had an accidental surplus.

Comment: Re:Hormone therapy? (Score 1) 784

by TheCycoONE (#44647159) Attached to: Bradley Manning Wants To Live As a Woman

Probably because most violent offenders don't pick their targets randomly, or look for easy targets. Instead they go after people they have an existing conflict with like rival gang members, people who made fun of them, or that guy that slept with their sister and never called back. [citation needed]

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