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Comment OMG! (Score 4, Funny) 293

So the news here is that absolute Web Developer unemployment went from 2.1% to 3.1% and tech layoff rose by ~5%. That is a fluctuation of 1 month! Oh noes! What will we do!? That is ONE MONTH you statistically challenged clod.

And a summer month at that, when I assume new grads are coming into the market.

Do you guys seriously have the gall to call that journalism?

Comment Perspective (Score 1) 843

Over 1 trillion dollars for a war toy that doesn't even work is astounding. For comparison that's 10 Apollo programs. I don't mean 10 rockets, I mean ten times the whole research, development and 17 missions. For that kind of money, we could have gone to Mars or solved cheap solar energy.

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