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Comment: Microsoft Update (Score 1) 835

by TheChief (#26576991) Attached to: How To Diagnose a Suddenly Slow Windows Computer?
I personally have seen on several dozen systems an issue where the system performance will degrade quite significantly after Microsoft Update is installed over Windows Update. The resolve in these cases is as simple as turning off Microsoft Update. This is NOT turning off automatic updates. To revert back to Windows Update, you need to have the Microsoft Update website in front of you and then click on "Change Settings". From here, you will see a section:

To stop using Microsoft Update
If you no longer want to install updates using this website, you can disable the supporting software on your computer.

You can still get updates from the Windows Update website by visiting the site or by turning on automatic updating on your computer. However, you will not be able to get updates for products other than Windows.

Disable Microsoft Update software and let me use Windows Update only

Clicking to disable, applying and then restarting the system seemed to be enough to get the systems out of their zombie like state. I believe the issue falls with the way the system is constantly scanning for updates that may be available.

The Internet

+ - Poll suggestion: do you read on-line EULA's

Submitted by AmIAnAi
AmIAnAi (975049) writes "When you encounter an on-line EULA or terms-of-use, do you:
1 Read every line, check every detail
2 Read until I get bored, then click ACCEPT
3 Scan read key passages, then click ACCEPT
4 Never read them. Always click ACCEPT
5 doesn't have a EULA,"

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