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Comment: Re:Actually, this is good news. (Score 1) 467

by TheBobJob (#38301086) Attached to: Bill Gates To Help China Build Traveling Wave Nuclear Reactor
I believe you're getting confused with a Liquid Floride Thorium reactor. That tech has been done and is proven already (during the cold war), but is very hard to use to make nuclear weapons. Travelling wave reactors are purely theoretical at this point and although they are also non-weaponisable, there are still many technological hurdles to overcome to make it actually work. The fact that all this research is going on is great though. We still need more.

Comment: Why solid? (Score 2) 277

by TheBobJob (#37919480) Attached to: India To Build A Thorium Reactor
I wonder why they went for solid fuel rather an a liquid fluoride thorium reactor setup. There are many advantages to the liquid setup plus it is a technology which has been done and proven. Also, the by-products are valuable, so offer additional revenue streams and there is vastly reduced risk in terms or proliferation and melt down capability. As a system, its about as safe as you can get.

Comment: New approach (Score 1) 229

by TheBobJob (#30947724) Attached to: RIAA Confusion In Tenenbaum & Thomas Cases?
IMO, the real problem lies with the RIAAs approach. People are naturally going to get behind and support the little person here regardless of who is in the right. People like to cheer for the underdog and this is exactly what the RIAA tactics encourage. They will never win the battle against copyright infringement in the long run unless they get the support of the masses and change the current cultural perception that copying/downloading music/movies etc is acceptable. If the public were to see good artists struggling to survive, then peoples attitudes towards the subject would change. Instead we see mediocre performers living lavish and excessive lifestyles while the rest of the world struggles to just get by.

+ - Stanford researchers make fabric batteries

Submitted by TheBobJob
TheBobJob (1180925) writes "According to a BBC news article, researchers from Standford University have published details on their carbon nanotube dye for making batteries on fabric. The article goes on to explain the application for this tech in wearable electronics. After the stories of late of exploding batteries I'm not sure this is a great idea, but it is a cool achievement none the less."

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